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Drying Your Buds

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by hempgrower, May 12, 2006.


    hempgrower Active Member

    Every person that grows marijuana has a special way of drying. Some growers use heaters some use dehydrators. One of the many ways to dry herb leaves and flowers is to cut each one individually and place it on a screen. Then, place the screen of cut herb and flowers in a low or now light place, fan lots of air over the screen and wait 6-7 days.


    The longer it takes for your buds to dry the better. This is because when the stems are left attached to drying leaves and flowers, the moisture has to work its way down the stems to escape. The leaves and flowers tend to dry out but then re-moisturize as the stems and branches pass moisture back up.


    Herb and flower drying is only ½ the process. Many of the oils and resins in the weed, need additional time to change their state and cure and mature to maximum flavor. A 2 week period allows a slow maturing time and makes for the excellent marijuana taste :p.

    However sometimes humans are impatient  there are quick ways to do it which will be explained later on.

    Now that your done go blaze….

    tmc Active Member

    The best way to dry your crop is in a moderate temperatured DARK room with ventilation. and give it the time to dry ;)

    kivanocnnor Active Member

    A way in which we used was to place the plants in brown paper bags and leave them in an open room. This allowed the paper bags to absorb the moisture.

    Another method a friend of mine used was hanging the plants over a small heater at a low heat.

    banjaxed Active Member

    If you dont fancy, building something huge, use some wire and your airing cupboard.
    Trim your buds down, and then tie the stem with wire and wrap the other end round a pole in the cupboard.
    Very very nice drying rack in the pics tho K+
    Peace out

    MIKE JONES Well-Known Member

    and thats it, never use heaters or fans, if u want to have a sample put your nug in a paper towel an put it in a microwave for 160 seconds

    MRbudsmoker Well-Known Member

    light degrades thc so in the dark is the first thing. secondly never place a fan thats gonna blow directly on ur harvest. a fan accross the room blowing a gentle breeze across the harvest is fine. quickdrying also degrades thc,

    Dub-Azn Well-Known Member

    :D such a useful thread

    nobail Active Member

    When I take a snippet of bud, I put it on top of my Internet router to dry. After I smoke it, my brain is connected via wireless!

    upabove Well-Known Member

    Can I get your wireless key. :mrgreen:

    nobail Active Member

    Hehe... I've been using this method for quite some time. Works well... takes 3-4 hours to dry, and I've never had a headache... except when the wireless high-jackers are near.

    Brunolocc Active Member

    how big of a cardboard box do i need 4 about 2 ounces of sum freshly cut drizzy (dro)??

    D LUSIONAL Member

    I found that hanging them first for 3-4 days in a dark room with air circulation, then placing them in a paper grocery bag for an additional 3-4 days works really good.

    KushisSweet Active Member

    really? so after the 8 or so days then its ready to be cured?

    KushisSweet Active Member

    oh wow i didnt see how late i was lol!
    Assyria lights

    Assyria lights Member

    Me to i was gonna post but......... :?:

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