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Drying on Screens

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by bonuslazer, Aug 11, 2010.


    bonuslazer Active Member

    Having just chopped my Northern Lights about 5 days ago, I hung most of it up with twine and binder clips, but I ran out of space and I put some of the trimmings on a silk screen so the buds had aeration from above and below. Is this bad in any way? I know some people dry on racks, but I'm not sure if the mesh is different in any way.....

    dudeoflife Well-Known Member

    No prob. It'll work just fine.

    Just remeber to flip the turds once a day. Foliage can mold up under its own weight.

    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    What he said.....I flip mine more often, but just a couple times a day is alright.

    drewabu Well-Known Member

    Bro, Hanging your weed is something Ive found to be complete b.s. I put my trim bud in a simple cardboard box / flip buds everyday / and have a small fan blowing on them. And yes I used to hang my crop up too unitil I found there to be no difference. Heres a pic of my simple drybox and some chocloate rain I harvested 13 days ago.

    View attachment 1092495 View attachment 1092496 View attachment 1092497

    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    Actually, BRO.. its not total B.S.

    people have used the 'hanging' method for a long time.. and for specific reasons. For one, while the plant is hanging upside down and drying.. as the buds dry.. all those little 'bud leafs' (the really small ones) will slowly dry.. and help cover and protect the actual bud. So, hanging the buds upside down.. isn't total B.S.

    Do a little research before making such a blind and close minded post. ;)



    drewabu Well-Known Member

    Dont need research bro, I grow and clone. Also I give advice on my own experence not what Ive read on the internet or heard from sombody. And the point of my post was not that hanging wont work, but that there is very little difference in hanging or letting your buds lay flat. If hanging your shit is easyer for you then hang, for me it was a pain in the ass compared to putting them in a box to dry.And like I said Ive done both for 2 years now. And srry if you feel insulted cuz you hang that was not the meaning of my post.

    Clementine Active Member

    just dry in brown paper bags .
    screening dry is hard.

    drewabu Well-Known Member

    Clem is right, paper bags will also work great.

    bonuslazer Active Member

    Thanks for the input guys... I have most of my buds hanging but just one small screen full of lower trimmings, so I think I'll be fine.... just wanted to make sure it wasn't a horrible idea. Almost dry and time to trim/cure!

    edit: have been flipping the nuglets once or twice a day...

    JoeCa1i Well-Known Member

    This is my method of drying,mainly for personal connoisseur grows.I hang until the buds are crispy on the outside,then I put them in a medium paper bags.I leave the bag open a day,then roll it lightly.After a week or more,I then compress it lightly.When they seem dry,I then put them in Quart jars.I check the buds,every other day for a couple weeks.I use a small fan, during hang time.You can use a de-humidifier if you got humidity issues.

    Johnie Member


    drewabu Well-Known Member

    Ive posted an Album for drying in a box/ non-hanging method. I will update pics everyday of the bud drying.These are a couple sample pics.

    2010-08-12 15-52-42.421.jpg 2010-08-12 15-53-21.687.jpg 2010-08-12 15-52-50.953.jpg

    punkgrower420 Member

    I bought some screens to use in drying my leaves. anyone know if thats a good idea? I was basically going to get a cardboard box, at the very top put screen across and lay all my shake/leaves on it to dry, then underneath attach my rows of wire hangers to hang the bud from. good idea? or should i be drying my leaves in a separate box?
    Hidden Dragon

    Hidden Dragon Well-Known Member

    I totally use screens. Buds dry in one to two days, then go into large shoppings bags for a couple days, then into curing jars. I dry pounds at a time with this method. I would never go back to hanging.
    Absolutely not necessary to "flip" the nugz as they get plenty of airflow from top and bottom. That's the whole idea of a screen.
    Try it, you might like it.

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    drewabu Well-Known Member

    I like that dragon, its space saving like my box, did you make that set-up or buy a screen rack or somthing?
    Hidden Dragon

    Hidden Dragon Well-Known Member

    Powder coated door grills (not screens) from Lowes. They were about $17 each and I have 15 of them. When your done drying, just shake them off and store them on their sides. Take up very little room.

    drewabu Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the info dragon, 17$ is right up my alley.

    bonuslazer Active Member

    yeah looks good dragon.... I dried my nugs for about 6 days now on the screen and hanging... been trimming tonight a bit. I guess I skipped the paper bag step, but I think they'll do fine in the jars for a few weeks.

    Outdoorindica Well-Known Member

    You will lose a small amount of trichs laying the buds down on cardboard, but not much, screens work great and are easier than hanging, and I think thats about the only advantage of screens over hanging is the ease of use. I think I will probably set up something like that or get one of those hanging herb drying screen things.

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