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Dry Ice and spidermites

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by zeus2025, May 10, 2011.


    zeus2025 Active Member

    I read somewhere that if you put dry ice in a bucket of water in a sealed room with the mites it will eradicate them all by suffocation. Problem is i don't know how much to use per area and if it even works

    I would use C02 but buying and having to fill them for this seems like a pain.

    SCCA Active Member

    i would go with CO2 tanks, when i used dry ice to kill pests in a terrarium the temp dropped way too much before i could get the concentration high enough. i dont know what the ppms would be, but i figure the concentration for a terrarium at 60% for a half hour and it kills the bugs w/o harming the plants much. i dont remember the exact number but i use a ballpark number of 6 liters gaseous CO2 per gram of dry ice. warm water helps it sublimate faster and helps keep temps up. with a tank there is quite a bit more math but i use a 1L paintball tank for a 20g terrarium. CO2 isnt really a viable method of insect control for anything but very small grow spaces.

    Heisenberg Well-Known Member

    I have heard Zandor report that because mites are so small and so close to the leaf, they are still able to get enough oxygen to survive. Co2 retards them but does not offer viable population control. Zandor also reports that http://www.plantvitalityplus.info/ kills 100% of mites and eggs with one application and can be safely used up to 6 hours before harvest.

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