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Drug Test TODAY And I'm High. How Do I Pass?

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by KannaBitch, Oct 7, 2008.


    KannaBitch Well-Known Member

    I have a drug test today. i have to pass it or im pretty screwed. i got caught smoking weed in my car at the park by the police. what are quick ways to clense your system? ive drank like 100 ounces of water.

    gangjababy Well-Known Member

    get a detox kit at the head shop. Why did you do that? Are you on probation? If so that was not smart at all...

    dsasser Active Member

    If its urine text, buy the detox kit that suits your unique needs. Follow what evr is given on the kit. Perform a home test before you go for the test. Also drink as much water as you can. urinate as frequently as you can before your test.all the best.

    "SICC" Well-Known Member

    yea dont trip, just drink water and dont eat ANYTHING, the only time i had to do a drug test was when i almost got caught smoking in the Adultschool bathroom, i smoke every damn day, and the day before i finished an 1/8 of kush, the next day didnt eat, alot of water and i passed, but make sure you dont drink too much, dont get too carried away, im sure you will pass, good luck!

    earlymorninstonepeomp Well-Known Member

    Ur In Luck always worked well for me. Check the bottle when you buy, make sure you have the latest formula. They stay ahead of the labs but not if you're using outdated stuff.

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