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drug test in 7 days! help

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by lovetotoke, Oct 29, 2009.


    lovetotoke Well-Known Member

    hi i was wondering if any experienced people out there no how i can pass a drug test in 7 days if i quit today. like what else could i do. rep wil be given to best response. THANKS

    Supgee3 Well-Known Member

    Go down to your local head shop (two guys with pipes, kindred spirits, etc) and get a drug test pill.
    They sell pills (around $40 for a pack) you take it like 4 hours before your drug test, and it will make you test clean for THC 100% guaranteed or your money back or some shit.

    That's what I would do.

    spenceg Active Member

    do what this guy says, and also stay away from toxins like alcohol and cigs if you can. those types of things keep stuff like thc in your system. also up your water drinking and you should be fine. ive taken dozens of test with no failures, so i know these methods work.

    lovetotoke Well-Known Member

    ok cool thanks guys anyone else got somemore advice

    fishindog Well-Known Member

    there is also a liquid drink that you can buy called Ultra Mask....its like 25 bucks and you drink it an hour or 2 before your test...worked for me twice.....its kinda like chugging a bottle of syrup from super troopers lol mine was mandrine orange flavored

    Supgee3 Well-Known Member

    Your best bet is drink water and take that pill bro

    PainWrek Active Member

    drink gallons of water every day for the next 6 days. on the 7th day take those cleanser pills or shakes like advised up above. i don't absolutely rely on those cleansers so i try to flush my system hard for the days leading up to it. make sure you don't drink a shitload of water the day of your drug test, as it will probably give you dilute which will count as a fail.

    sunahura Active Member

    Man, thats a tough one, if you take clean urine with u , u will 90 percent lose, because of the way they measure temps and make u wait in the lobby, so your urine cools. Your best bet is to drink plenty cleansing herbal teas and flush your body with plenty of beer.
    I beat one with budwieser and herbal teas before.

    cbtwohundread Well-Known Member

    take a teaspo0n of viniger once a day or so.,.,drink lots of water.,.,teas.,.,and eat alot of fruit and things.,.,u should be fine.,.,get one of the drinks/pills these people brought up

    crazy7605150 Well-Known Member

    i have passed a drug test in 2 days b4... all i do is drink tons of water during the day time and try to exercise to sweat it all out... if u have access to a sauna that would be great....and then for me i drink beer at night to make me piss a lot..... u know what its like when u drink.. peeing every 30 min.... and basicly like that you are flushing it out of your system.... kinda like a plant and flushing the nutes out.... just water water water and then let the water dry up (sweat it out or piss it out..)... u know what i mean.... ppl also say u can drink vinegar.... which i dont know about u guys but i dont like vinager much.. what i have done is either drink pickle juice or juice from a jar of jalapenos. also i hear that the thc stays in your fat so try to eat kinda healthy for a few days... and try to drink like a half a gallon of water b4 the test so u dilute what ever thc is left over..

    i always try for a natural way of getting it out rather then go and buy some pills or buy some drink cuz sometimes those will show up on a test.... also i dont know if you got the money... (your a stoner find money like you normally would for a sack) but just go buy a at home test and test yourself the day before the test and if you fail u know what to expect on the real test so might as well buy the pill or drink... but if it shows you passed then there u go....

    good luck with all that

    FuZZyBUDz Well-Known Member

    3 shots of vinager and 3 days!!!! werk dood i did it wen i was not only smokin weed but other things too and came up clean!!;-)
    strain stalker

    strain stalker New Member

    ...stay clean 24-48 hours prior to the date you desire to be clean. On the day you desire to be clean...3 hours before the actual time to be clean, do this:

    ...drink 20ounces of water and eat 1/2 of a multivitamin evey 30 minutes.
    ...after 3 hours of doing this, you'll be one gallon of water and 3 multivitamins down.

    ...your system will be flushed and clean for 2 hours after your last drink of water and your last vitamin.

    ...I put my life on it!!!:hump:

    Relaxed Well-Known Member

    screw the masking. Order asap the fake urine. do a search on it. Use a hand warmer heating pad to keep it at the correct temps. That is after using a 10 second microwave to get the temp to correct temp. I'd use a 10 dollar digital therm. to make sure it was at the right temp. before walking into the place. GL.

    Ledhed Well-Known Member

    Great stuff, I've used it for probation and jobs, never failed. Best part is, a lot of tests check for masking agents, this stuff doesn't show up as a blocker or diluting agent. It's about 25-30 dollars a bottle where I am, but well worth it IMO. I've smoked (albeit stupidly) as close as three hours before a test, drank this, and passed easily.


    supdro Well-Known Member

    if it is a probation test i would go with the earlier with the herbal but i just took at test and you can get quick fix and i aced it with ease and smoked on the way to get it done. :)

    lovetotoke Well-Known Member

    thanks everyone!!!! im giving rep now

    stunner69 Well-Known Member

    Also with the water drink alot of cranberry juice its great for cleaning u out. You also want to stay away from spices, high salt, sugary foods (which is pretty much any prepackaged food) as they convert to starches and will not let your body expell the toxins nearly as fast. No fruit or alcohol or dairy products either.

    nordowell Active Member

    depends on whos giving the drug test, but basically all you do is chug a bunch of water, chug some more, piss, piss, chug a bunch more water, when you give them the sample give them the piss from the middle of the stream, it will basically be water. now if they test for creatinine levels you will fail for waterlog. did that for a while on federal probation, took them months to catch on.

    2ill4u Well-Known Member


    growingsouth Member

    you can also buy a test strip to test yourself the day before. i always test myself the frist pee of the morning

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