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drug test for certified nurses assistant

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by at0m666, Jul 30, 2010.


    at0m666 Active Member

    i'm going into a program soon to be a CNA. i realize that even though i have legal medicinal marijuana, i would most likely be turned away as an applicant at a nursing home. does anyone know if that violates any laws? i've heard about a cancer patient being denied a job at wal-mart but it would have been a different scenario. my dad says that "even if your legal they most likely wouldn't go with you and they'll just say 'we decided to go with another applicant' and not reveal why they truly didn't choose you, but which is most likely because of their prejudice against medical marijuana." i don't plan on stopping my medication :joint: but i do anticipate buying synthetic urine. any insight?

    skiweeds Active Member

    it's there work place, they have a right and should have the right to deny ppl that use drugs. at my work place i would never hire a stoner. nothing against stoners but a lot of them, mostly younger kids, are reckless and stupid with pot. i myself am a stoner but i never smoke before work. now if a stoner came into my work and was able to hide it, i would consider hiring them because that shows they're responsible with it. you cant have ppl being baked at work all the time, it makes the place look bad. especially when a lot of your customers are older churchy people. i would just quit smoking and wait to pass the drug test. then after you get in, start smoking again. chances are that if you get in good with the company, and say they know about you being a smoker after, they are less likely to hold it against you if you can perform you job properly. weed is just bad for business, medical card or not, keep it secret. work before pleasure

    at0m666 Active Member

    i figured it was a liability since i will be helping older people out and stuff. i never planned to disclose this info to my future (hopefully) employers.
    its hopeless

    its hopeless Member

    whywould u pay to be a cna they just clean up shit all day.u want to change shitty pants? please be a rn or lvn the classes are easy and u wont have to clean shit only blood.

    at0m666 Active Member

    i figured that out, show me your tits.

    rene112388 Well-Known Member

    Het the synthetic I'm an nar work at afh and in home care they do not like the idea of medical marijuana patients working for them though it is at the business owners discresion personally my manager at the afh is my grandma and didn't ua me because she knows I smoke yet I am responsible beyond most so she suggested me for the job I functon better when I smoke and have never been asked about it but I am careful also only smoke enough to get the edge off so to speak at my other job I used syntetic at the lab and passed easy you will need to sneek it in in your underware as they usually check you at labs (if you have to go to one) and buy 2 incase you get hurt on the job!! Hope I was of some help

    WanderingGrow Active Member

    go with the synthetic it works as long as you can get it into the cup without getting caught. a buddy of mine just got off a 3 year probation and smoked more than any normal person does ,5-10 blunts a day on a shitty day. never once failed a test. he had a pouch in his waistband and a tube ruberbanded to his junk so when he pushed on the pouch it looked natural to the co leaning over his shoulder. so for a job you should have no problem even if you smoke before the test.

    doowmd Well-Known Member

    Get one of those frozen minute maid o.j. from concentrate mix'. Drink that (the entire amt that the can of concentrate makes, 36oz I think ) the morning of the piss test, or the morning u think ur going to have to take a piss test. After, drink as much water as you can stand w/o getting sick, piss a couple of times before you leave. drink water on the way. piss when you get there. Continue to drink water (if possible) while you wait to be seen. I've passed four separate urine screens doing this. One at a hospital lab. One at a temp. agency, and one (the most important one imo) for my p.o. back on 05'.

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