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Droppy Leaves, Need to worry ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by thepwnman, Feb 5, 2013.


    thepwnman Member

    Hello there guys

    Thanks for everyone that reads this thread, basically I would want to ask for your input on the situation of my 3-4 week mother plants in vegging.

    MUkVfEP.jpg GyJgtQC.jpg jgyRGZL.jpg fZZ5A8T.jpg

    Top left is a Dutch Passion auto Blueberry
    Top Middle is a Green House White Rhino
    Top Right is a Nirvana White Widow (13 days)

    Bottom 3 are all Green House White Widow.

    I notice in particular the white rhino leaves are droppy (mostly the lower leaves) pretty much all day long, I water them 2 times for 15 minutes and they are in Rockwool, I use PowderFeeding nutrients all in one, from GreenHouse (seems pretty good, the nutrients and seeds were all gifts).

    Ph Is at 5.9-6.0
    Temps: 28.2 Celcius/ 81-82 Fh
    Lights:300 watt MH ( at 50 watt per plant)
    Waterings: 2 x 15 minutes per day, Aeroponic
    wind: blows all day (not agressively) but smooth
    Humidity is 35-40%, but I notice that the sides where my humidifier delivers gets droppy leaves, (even if its in the other end of the growing tank) could this be a result of humidity or over watering, too much heat?

    Overall I would like to know what do you think about my plants, and what are your Ganjack Holmes deductions. THanks very much

    thepwnman Member

    Anyone :) ? Also please does anyone knows if the Mylar plastic im using to keep the water tank cool and reflect some extra light is a bad idea ?

    GK1 Active Member

    they look great. Maybe back off ppm a little, with twice a day feeding I'd be more like 750-900 ppm. Get the humidity up if you can.
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    The2TimEr Well-Known Member

    agree with GK, seedlings / vegging plants like or can with-stand a higher humidity. Not so much in flowering...

    looks good tho nothing to worry about!

    DeeTee Well-Known Member

    You say you're growing in rockwool, is that your primary medium, that is to say nothing else but rockwool? I get the feeling you are drowning your plants by feeding them for 15 minutes, you should just feed enough to soak the rockwool and let drain, in other words if you're using pump to feed, run it for only enough time to soak your rockwool, say 2 to 3 minutes, just my opinion.

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