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Droopy, dark green leaves with lots of tiny bumps

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by bradweather, Jun 27, 2008.


    bradweather Active Member

    See pics below.

    I have three plants, one is doing great, but the other two are a lot taller and the buds are weaker looking. Their white hairs have not started turning amber yet, but they are receding back into the bud. The buds are not as fat as they are on the healthy plant. The leaves on the unhealthy plants are droopy, limp, small, very dark green, and have lots of little bumps on them. The leaves at the top of the plants are the smallest and the droopiest and the bumpiest and the darkest green.

    Indoor Mylar lined closet grow
    5 100W CFLs (not 100W equivalent, actually 100W CFLs)
    soil with vermiculite
    Really bad ventilation. It gets up to 98 degrees, but I do have an exhaust fan. I open it to completely exchange the air twice a day.
    I water when the soil is dry - about once every two or three days.

    Please help.
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    MrsMcGreggor Well-Known Member

    Really bad ventilation. It gets up to 98 degrees
    thats the problem thats wayyyyyyyyyyy to hot
    Web Gallery Wizard™
    look there and see if you can find a pic... since you can't show one
    you have to do a little bit of looking

    gangjababy Well-Known Member

    What soil? You need constant ventilation, the air needs to be exchanged every 5 minutes. It shouldn't be hotter than 85 really. What are you fertilizing with?

    bradweather Active Member

    Thanks for the tip. None of those pics looked like it, so I will get a buddy with a camera over here this weekend.

    I know the ventilation is bad. I ran out of money, but I will have a much better setup next month when I start over from scratch. It's been getting that hot in there for the life of the plants since they were seedlings and there has not been a problem yet til now - 5 weeks into flower. I did get a little nitrogen deficiency but it went away when I repotted with organic soil from the independently owned garden shop. No nutes so far.

    Another detail I left out is the fish tank bubbler running in a jug of fermented sugar water. The yeast is old and dead and it smells sour. I need to make up another batch. The prob seemed to start when the yeast died.

    Thank you so much for you prompt replies. I will post pics soon if I am able.

    MrsMcGreggor Well-Known Member

    home brew co2 is very helpful in higher temp conditions.
    from growfaq:
    A humidity and temperature gauge are essential in any growroom. Daytime conditions should be 70-80 degrees without co2, 80-90 degrees with co2 until the last two weeks when daytime temps should be kept between 70-80 and co2 can be reduced to adjust for the lower metabolism......
    I always thought that was neat a kind of bandaid for when you just are having a
    little problem keeping temp down.

    bradweather Active Member

    You can see that plant 1 is looking pretty good. Plant 2 is a little worse off, and plant 3 is very sick. You can see the bumps on the leaves of plant 3 in this picture. Plant 1 has a few of those bumps on the very topmost leaves, but not many to speak of.

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    overfiend HeavyMetalHippie

    i've seen those bumps on a few of my plants. is that plant a clone? was it cloned while the mother was in flower? thats what mine did. the curling , drooping thing could be heat or too much nutes. when i started growing i used nutes and some of the strains i had at the time would curl with the littlest amount of fertilizer maybe that strain is very sensitive
    blazin waffles

    blazin waffles Well-Known Member

    I have a grow cab, and the quickest, Simplest thing is to just get a fan. Can you load your grow space? I'll look for it as well. I have a fan that sits with its back up to the lights blowing away from them. It drops the temp 8 degrees just be doing this. Also there is a cool mist humidifier. But you don't want the extra humidity in flowering. Get a fan, make a passive exhaust of something quick to get you through this until you can get things going! Just imo.

    Listen to Mrs McGreggor. i have seen some post and the bunny lady is the shit!!


    shamegame Well-Known Member

    Looks like a plant I had last year. Aside from the bumps, it looks like heat stress. Maybe when the room is at it's hottest, the parts close to the lights just suffer more. Are the leaves like this on every part of the plants that are closest to the CFLs?

    P.S.- MrsMcGreggor is a wonderful and helpful lady, hopefully she can give you a better diagnosis than I.

    bradweather Active Member

    These leaves are very sticky and the oil that comes off of them is FRAGRANT! For some reason I take that as a good sign.

    The underside of the leaf is fairly unremarkable. These are two pics from plant 3, the one with most pronounced example of the issue.

    Attached Files:


    bradweather Active Member

    No, it's not a clone. It's from bagseed, but it was some awesome smoke.

    I do have a fan which exhausts out the top of the closet, but the intake is poorly constructed. That's why it's not 125 deg. in there! I just need anouther $100 and I can get everything just right.

    You could be on to something there. The worst parts are closer to the CFLs. I'll try raising the lights a little higher.
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    dr.greenthumb85 Well-Known Member

    those bumps look like what was supposed to be the trichs but they are drying out. its the ventilation again, get that co2 back up and running it should help.

    MrsMcGreggor Well-Known Member

    this is good believe it or not.
    the back side of the leafs are pristine..
    ergo means not systemic.... as well means no sap sucking bugs.
    leaves us with enviorment....
    frunt is leathery looking an bumpy.

    I am going to have to go to the hardcover books..
    may take me a while but I don't gve up to easy.... so
    give me a bit o time to ponder this... and do a LOT o bit of looking.
    have to ask have you sprayed this plant?

    bradweather Active Member

    Done. Took care of that last night.

    You must be an angel! And no, I've never sprayed any of the plants with anything. Just watered the roots. They have done remarkable well with little effort, although I did get a gnat problem from eggs that came with the soil. I took care of the gnats with a piece of flypaper and daily turning of the soil. They went away in a couple of days.
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    shamegame Well-Known Member

    The only reason I say heat stress is because your problem looks exactly like a plant I had that was taller than the rest, and grew too close to the HPS. The top 6 inches or so of my plant suffered from heat stress, and it looked almost identical to yours.

    Not 100% sure, but it looks so similar.

    MrsMcGreggor Well-Known Member

    solution with pics.

    they should post your pic in growfaq....
    not as an insult by any means But as a example
    to grow from as well Please keep us posted to
    see the evolution of your resolve..........
    Hope this has been a little help for you.

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    bradweather Active Member

    Thank you so much for your help. I'm adding a second fan and am going to try out an Idea for increasing intake. I will update this thread with any further developments.

    I don't mind my pic going in the grow FAQ if anyone can tell me how and who to submit it to. I want people to have all the help they need at their fingertips.

    Once again, thanks to you.

    bradweather Active Member

    Added second, more powerful fan. The temp went down by three degrees. I'm going to dry installing some ductwork so the fan will pull the air across the lights. The closet has too many air leaks and I fear that the fan is just pulling air back in from its own exhaust.

    bradweather Active Member

    I got the temp down to 90 degrees by opening the door to their closet a couple of inches. There's no problem with light because the room that the closet is in is totally dark all the time. They are looking a little better. The three seeds came from the same bag, and probably even the same bud, but it seems like it is two different strains. One of the plants was looking pretty good so I went ahead and cut it down and hung it up. I think maybe it was too early to do so because it smells like fresh cut grass now.

    Here's the weird thing - I found a seed in it. Only one seed. How did this happen? All three plants are female. I hope someone provides a little insight to this mystery.

    bradweather Active Member

    Oops! I didn't think of that.

    Here's a pic of one of the two that are still growing. The leaves perked up a little bit.


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