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Drooping Leaves?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Firsttimer87, Oct 16, 2006.


    Firsttimer87 Active Member

    I went up to check my plants today, as I do everyday, and when I opened the door to my grow rooms (which you can see in the pics), I quickly notcied that two of my plants' leaves were pretty droopy. They were not discolored, just droopy...

    Ive had a recent problem with yellowing leaves that had mostly stopped since i'd added epsom salt a few days ago and pruned the yellow leaves... you can see these yellowing leaves in the pic.... Could they be related?

    I wanted to put up a pic but i have no batteries for my camera, but im gonna try to get some tommarow....

    Thanks everyone

    Nemsist221 Well-Known Member

    i think your overwatering you plants, try to goa day or two without watering

    Firsttimer87 Active Member

    Thanks, not too say that I dont beleive your indispensable advice, but can I get a second opinion just in case?

    crickitmd Well-Known Member

    i let the soil get dry before i water. i had an outside plant and almost killed it by watering every night. it was hella yellow too.
    Vote 2 Legalize Marijuana

    Vote 2 Legalize Marijuana Well-Known Member

    I don't grow in soil anymore, but I do have to agree that over watering seems to be the cause. Been years since I used soil and from what I remember with soil is this: Soil stays wet for days and over watering can cause root rot! Let dry for a day or two, and by the end of the week it should make a come back. Might also check to see if your over doing the nutes. Just a thought!

    Good luck!

    Reefbreak Active Member

    hey guys in need of some help have recently switched to flowering and my G13 has started to droop while the arjans haze next to it is fine would me much appreciated if anyone can help me out!!!

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    bsm1988 Member

    hey i just induced flowering and went to 12/12 hps from 18/6 cfl . can constant leaf movement from fan cause them to droop? or are they just drooping because of the change in cycle

    smokeemup Member

    :leaf:i found mine done that when i used cfl for vege and changed to hps for bud but didnt do when i grow with hps the hole way through might be just change of spectrum:leaf:
    H.R. Shove N Stuff

    H.R. Shove N Stuff Active Member

    I'am having the same problem also. My plants are beautiful. Nice deep green, huge leaves... just starting to droop.

    The only thing recently I changed is going from a MH light 4 weeks veg and 5 weeks flowering, then switched to HPS light for the rest of flowering.... that's when they started to droop.

    2footbuds Active Member

    same problem here. my plants are not over watered and i havnt switched lights at all. also the leaves feel papery, and aredrooping at a 90 degree angle. i think its a nute deficiency. someone help.
    denny beezwax

    denny beezwax Active Member

    Papery leaves and drooping have hit me a lot when switching to 12/12. My non-scientific mind says it's mostly plant stress that the leaves bounce back from. That's why it might be a good idea -- with some strains -- to wait for a while (a week or so) after you switch to 12/12 light to switch your plants nutes to the flowering ratios. No need to add another new thing to an already stressed-out plant.
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    goblyn Well-Known Member

    Up to this point, I have been vegging under T5's. Today I installed a MH conversion for the table next to them. Right after that thing came on, a couple of my plants started getting droopy, wavy leaves. I haven't watered them in a couple of days and the change was immediate, so I figure it is just a little bit of stress from being under 20k lumens and now having another 36k lumens added to the room. Hopefully by tomorrow they are back to form. I plan to start them on more aggressive nutes tomorrow, but may hold off if they are still droopy.

    goblyn Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. Things looked better this morning, so I went ahead and did my weekly feeding. By mid afternoon, more plants were drooping bad. There is no yellowing and leaves look healthy, just drooping. I only water twice a week (or 3 at most) and don't water until the top layer of soil is pretty crispy. Also, temp is at a constant 75F and humidity is between 35% and 41% depending on the time of day. The new MH is around 30" above the plants and doesn't feel hot on the canopy, but goddamn it is bright.

    So I turned off the new 400w MH and left them under the T5's only to see if they rebound. All of this started when I installed that MH 36 hours ago. :|
    cary schellie

    cary schellie Active Member

    get a 3 way meter for 10 bucks from hydro farms. check the ground moisture. iove have the same problem over and underwatering. both makes the leaves droopy. untill i got the meter i tried correcting but usually made it worse by being wrong.

    goblyn Well-Known Member

    I will do that. thanks!

    I checked on them this evening and the droopy leaves seems to have gone for the most part and plants look normal again. A friend of mine told me some of his do this after feeding too and then are back to normal 12-24 hours later. I think some of my plants just freaked about their first full strength nute feeding.
    Magic Goba

    Magic Goba Member

    Okay so I have a question about this same situation. I haven't watered my plants for about 5 or 6 days and I don't water them unless the plant shows signs of thirst. It's about 90 here and I put my plants from inside to my back yard for some good old fashion sunlight. Only a plant or two is actually doing this but I'm worried because they JUST started to boom, they went from dinky looking failures to beats. So, could it be that I need to transplant or somehow cool the room temperature? Also, I have heard that stems that are red is a sign of bad absorption due to nutes. Yes, I was an idiot and fed them a super low dose before they were old enough but the ones that have red stems are the biggest and smelliest ones of them all so... could I just have nice red stem plants?
    They are silver haze planted in half gallon pots. Vegging under CFLs by night and sunlight by day. I'll post pics here in a few minutes... just gotta find the cam :-/

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