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drooping leaves whole plant

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Dookz, Dec 4, 2012.


    Dookz Active Member

    i have 1 g13 labs sour d x chronic plant just went into the room movin and playin round...... so i pick up and start looking at it and the leaves barly holding up the leaves are slumpd down and over dangling literally like death lol no recoil or trys holding up from the main stem it starts so im lookin an lookin and full of healthy colors idk...... can ne1 help with suggestions ph is fine soil is ffof the only thing is i havent gave drink since sunday but let me hear ur ideas

    ak47caretaker Active Member

    ffof is too hot by itself, pic would b nice, how big is the plant and potter?

    grorite Well-Known Member

    pics and how old is the plant sounds like under water by the way you say its lifeless looking

    Dookz Active Member

    im at work now i can do pics later but the leaves seem lifeless like releasing a dead mans arm jus droops and dropped down like floppin wit no recoil or stem liveliness goin all the way up

    merkzilla Active Member

    Water pressure is what keeps the plants standing up, so like others have said its probably a water issue

    Dookz Active Member

    yea it this 1 plant only outta 8 ima water at lights on tonight and its in 1st week of flowerin

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