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Drooping Dry Leaves?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Aardvarki, Sep 9, 2007.


    Aardvarki Active Member

    Hiya everyone, I'm about a week into my first grow and I'm noticing that my leaves seem to be drooping more than they probably should. They also look a little dry and withered. I would normally think that it was that they aren't getting enough water, but the soil is still fairly moist and I make sure to water it whenever it gets dry.

    Pictures attached. Can anyone tell me if this is a problem, or if I should ignore it? It seems like it's not affecting the growth. I've got it with a fan on it, room temp is about 28C, so it's warm, but not hot. Everything else is pretty normal. Any ideas?

    Pardon the low quality, I only have a camera on my phone, and it sucks.

    greenbud1 Well-Known Member

    what kind lighting ventalation an how close is it...

    Aardvarki Active Member

    270W HPS at about 18" from the plant, and a 24W Fluorescent Full Spectrum tube at about 6". The temp is 28C right at the plant. It's in a fairly open closet area (4' wide, 3' deep, 5' high) with an oscillating fan blowing across it to help promote stem growth and cycle air.

    greenbud1 Well-Known Member

    what 28c like 85f..i would say though that the lights are to close but just to be safe..have you started adding nutes that plant doesn't look very old..peace

    Aardvarki Active Member

    yes, 28c is about 85f. That's as hot as it ever gets in my grow closet (when I shut it while not home, and leave the light on, it gets to be that warm. Most of the time, It's open, and it's a good deal cooler). I have not added nutes (they're too young, aren't they?), but I think it may be my shitty tap water that I've been watering them with. I've purchased distilled water to start feeding them. (Funny, my plants are now drinking better water than I am)

    And the plant isn't that old. It's been 9 days since I planted it so far. I just started on the distilled water yesterday, and the leaves aren't drooping as bad now. The older leaves still look dry though. The three new sets of leaves coming in look good, it's just the first set of three that looks sick.

    mysigns Active Member

    I have the same issue now.
    How did it go then? Did distilled water help you?

    mrskitz Well-Known Member

    looks like overwatering!let the soil dry out before watering again!is the ph ok?

    truerasta420 Active Member

    Yea it could be over watering and poor drainage. Just because the top soil is dry doesnt mean the bottom is. Get yourself a moisture/ph/light probe meter at your garden store for like 10 bucks, it really helps. Ph your water not your soil, cuz the soil is hard to get a true reading.
    home grown 420

    home grown 420 Active Member

    you can stick your finger about an inch or two below the topsoil and see how moist it is. if it feels fairly dry and you dont get alot of dirt stuck to your finger then they need water. just watch out you dont fuck the roots if you do it that way.

    if you use poland spring like i do the pH is almost always at 6.5. after your next watering save the runoff and pH test it. then youll know. if its high you need to lower your water pH before your next watering to stabilze. if its low, then vice versa obviously.

    iloveweedforever Active Member

    to much water!stick yr finger aout a inch or so below the surface and if it is dry then it needs water but if not then give it some more time!

    DJThrive Active Member

    the soil looks to wet, I let my soil to pretty much dry right out but not all the way, I look for a bit of dampniss that's still going on and if there is but if its close to 1/3 to half way down into the pot I water it
    sir smokes alot

    sir smokes alot Active Member

    make sure the leaves are not
    touching the soil.

    koolkidz08 Active Member

    right now i have the same problem we overwatered way to much to were the water came out the bottom and we started a little bit of fertilizer in a spray bottle at week 1 1/2 and we stopped that now cuz we figured it was bad. can u give ur plants to much light? if the bottom leaves are browning but they are still making new leaves. whats this mean. will my plants grow good if the max temp is a lil over 70 because they are in a attic and a heater only does so much. i have a 800w heater

    Asperdee Active Member


    jumpa23 Member

    You shouldn't use distilled water. Distilled water has most if not all of the minerals that are in natural water taken out of it. Use your tap water, but make sure you let it sit out for at least 24 hours in an open container before using it. I think that looks like an over-watering, crappy water, issue.

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