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Dr90 with 600w hps setup help

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Tim1985, Jun 21, 2013.


    Tim1985 Member

    So I have a dr90 (3x3x6) grow tent and yesterday I ordered my lighting setup, a 600w cool tube dimmable mh/hps system. I already have a 6" inline fan and I ordered another 6" inline fan yesterday. I plan on dedicating 1 of the 6" fans to the 600w cool tube and venting it straight through the 2 vent holes on each side of the tent.

    I plan on dedicating the other 6" fan to the exhaust out of the top of the tent. I plan on buying 2 fan speed controllers and running the fans at a lower speed.

    I am going to buy a oscillating fan for the floor of the tent. I will buy a carbon filter when it is needed.

    I already have some out doors stuff going but this is my 1st attempt at indoor growing, I would really appreciate some critique/advice on my set up.

    Tim1985 Member

    By the way my tent is in my garage, I live in southern California (prop 215) and it gets hot out in that garage!!! That is why I want to setup all that ventalation, I'm still kinda worried about heat though.
    A/C is just not possible, I have a portable a/c but not the kind used for grow tents though. My household is already being penalized for using so much electricity so we pay a higher rate, I could not afford it on my bill. Lol

    Tim1985 Member

    I just re-read my first post and thought I should clarify my light and fan set up in my tent.


    Tent exhaust will be:

    Carbon filter>exhaust>fan sitting on top of the tent

    Tent intake will be passive intake from the bottom vent. Otherwise I may buy a 4" duct booster to bring in more air.

    Tim1985 Member

    Bumpity bump

    jondamon Well-Known Member

    How large is your garage?

    If you plan to exhaust both your light and your tent into the garage space then this will ultimately heat up the garage area causing the ambient garage air to get even warmer, then warm air is just getting recycled back through the light exhaust and tent exhaust getting Warmer with each passing.

    Ideally you need to get some temperature readings of your garage as it stands without any grow going on.

    If its above 75F without the grow, then you're going to struggle keeping it below 80F regardless of how much fan power you have.

    Things to do now!

    Test day temps and nights temps within your garage before you plan to grow in there.

    Test rooms in your house that are unused or could be unused for possible tent locations as a secondary back up plan.


    fir3dragon Well-Known Member

    No ac?? Your gonna have heat problems...

    Tim1985 Member

    Thanks for the input guys. The garage is left cracked open most of the day and I plan on running the lights at night. Worst case scenario I wont flower in the tent, i will dim the ballast down to 300w and just veg plants until they are big enough to go outside and flower. Im thinking I will be able to keep the tent cool enough with a 300w cool tube.

    fir3dragon Well-Known Member

    All I know is where I live you can't grow without a ac unless its winter, but good luck

    Tim1985 Member

    Thanks man, I'm hoping for the best lol

    Tim1985 Member

    So I have everything up and running, it is way too hot out there to grow anything! Lol, I'm going to have to use an ac unit.

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