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    Hey guys. I have 6 beans of Dr.Who going. Very excited to have this in my garden. These seedlings are super vigours and germination was 100%successfull. I just toped them all and getting ready for transplant into 1 gal with my Veg SS MIX. See you guys in a week.
    This strain was bred by Home Grown Natural Wonders out of Oregon. Special thanks to Sub, Odie, Mush and Mad Sci. Genetics are Mad Scientist x Timewreck

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    So how did they do?

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    what diff phenos are there?

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    That was a fail. LOL
    I guess when sub quit this site a lot of his followers did as well.

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    Where did they go?

    GoRealUhGro Well-Known Member

    They all joined a cult and walk the streets spreading pamphlets with subs grow info and coupons for seeds
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    It can be difficult to read into things people say sometimes but are you trying to be a smartass? I think Sub got tired of all the drama and all the STUPID fucking questions! "Sub, my plants look like they need to be fed, what should I do?" You know, stupid shit like that!!!!
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    Yes I'm being a smart ass...and I do believe that is part of the reason he left...I meen he posted a thread saying why he left sooo...he left a lot of awesome info on here...I keep finding more and more stuff the deeper I look...I don't blame him for leaving..if I had the chance to work on making my already killer strains even better and make medicine for ppl for a living I don't think I would be on here answering dumb ass questions and arguing with idiots
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