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Dog Ate Brownie! Help!

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by GrapeApe420, Feb 1, 2008.


    GrapeApe420 Active Member

    I need help. Yesterday approximately 1-4 pm my dog ate a "special" brownie. He is very small and weighs only 15 pounds. He was titching and freaking out last night but once he got to bed he seemed all right. This morning at approximately 7:30 I woke him up. He is still dazed and has no idea what is going on. Should i let him sleep it off all day or take him to vets? He looks very sick and evern i'm a little worried about him. Anyone have an expert opinion on this?

    drew420man Well-Known Member

    hahaha fuckin dogs man. i would just let him chill like you would if you were high. he just took a shit load his first time and it probably feels like he eat shrooms

    mrskitz Well-Known Member

    offer him some food and drink!should help him recover quicker!if hes not as bad as he was then hes gettin better!he should be fine.

    GrapeApe420 Active Member

    I tried giving him some food and water but hes so fucked up I dont think he can do anything... poor pouch. :spew: I think he will be fine tho guys! He seems to be getting a lil better and even walked around for a lil bit. thanks for the advice.

    Dats Well-Known Member

    When my dog was a pup on two different time he ate my stash 1/4 oz both times with no noticeable effects. I know chocolate is very bad for dogs. Something to do with the caffine.

    korvette1977 Well-Known Member

    Chocolate is bad for dogs but only dark chocolate and it would need alot of it ... ,Just let him sleep it off...

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    the chocolate could be of concern. if you have a vet you could call you might do that. just call and ask if there should be concern about him eating a whole brownie. don't mention the pot. i'm pretty sure pot can't kill you or your dog.

    brasmith Well-Known Member

    The dog has a pot hangover plus he did not smoke it he ate it so the stone will last longer because of it being circulated through his entire system.

    Has anything or anyone ever died from pot? I thought I was a goner on pot once, but that was short lived.

    flowergurl There's treachery afoot

    Chocolate is indeed toxic to dogs however at approximately 0.25lbs of chocolate per pound of body weight. So your dog would have to eat close to four pounds to be at toxic level. Marijuana motabilizes much slower in a canines body than a humans. Most dogs with low level thc exposure will merely sleep it off after stumbling around confused for awhile. I would recommend lots of fresh water and placing the animal in a quiet, secure area to sleep it off. Ypou may see excessive drooling, vomiting and really unusual behavior such as a usually nice dog suddenly becoming agressive. These signs are normal for a dog injesting thc. Thc has not been found to actually be harmful to dogs, just causes confusing and loss of coordination.

    Reiffizzle Well-Known Member

    massive amounts of chocolate is bad for a dog (ex feed a pound to a dog could be fatal) but as for the reefer he just got FUCKED up i had a dog eat a half of dank found him leaning on a couch drolling very badly. Now he loves to get high now i have to hide my weed

    Gamberro Well-Known Member

    Dogs don't react too well to THC. Keep that shit out of the dog's reach, that's what bein a responsible owner's about eh. You don know what kinda shit theyll get into. What are you, Ricky or somethin?

    GreenGiant81 Well-Known Member

    yeah keep it away from them...... However I found it weird that when I would get the green and before i lite up my dog would get really excited and when i smoked she would calm down for obvious reasons but it was strange how she would seem to want me to smoke... weird

    but yeah keep it away from them

    LoganSmith Well-Known Member

    Just for the future if you know your animal eats something that it shouldent' then you can give it proxide, the size of your dog will dictate how much to give to the animal. What this will do is make your animal through up.

    I had to find out the hard way last year when we got our puppy and she ate a rat poison bar. So I had to call the number on the back of the rat poison and they told me to do this. It worked she through up and we found out that she didn't eat the whole bar. She doing good now:)

    DND Well-Known Member

    My friends 120lb Rottweiler ate a quarter oz and died the same day. Coincidence? I dunno...I hope your dog is ok.

    Hank Well-Known Member

    I could eat a hot dog.. Maybe i'll make some:P


    panhead Well-Known Member

    Your pooch should be fine in a few days,my dog has ate everything on earth & survived including my stash several times.

    Dumb ass dog drank 4 quarts of warm motor oil i had just changed from my car & was fine,never even puked but did shit grease for a week.

    KingOfBud Well-Known Member

    Haha. Stupid dogs, my cat ate a 1/8th bud i had, stupid bitch was walking into walls for days.

    bigbudeddie Well-Known Member

    Im sure he will be fine lol. My small Shitsu likes to eat bud. Like fresh bud. If she gets in my grow room she will chew off a branch. She likes it, you see her start to chill out.

    LoganSmith Well-Known Member

    hahah, I just found my pup licking one of my plants. Fucking stoner dogs/:)

    Titania Well-Known Member

    Start digging that grave.

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