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does this look like overwatering? i flushed w/ hose 3 days ago

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Luger187, Feb 12, 2011.


    Luger187 Well-Known Member

    as said in title, i just flushed 3 days ago. both plants look like this, and both were flushed. theyre under a 600w HPS in flowering. just wondering if its the heat. it gets warm at the canopy, not hot. the thermostat i have at the soil is at like 82. but the soil is still wet after 3 days. i didnt really get this on my last grow, and those plants might've been a lil smaller.

    im pretty sure it never gets over 90F at the canopy. so i think its just the flush that did this...

    do u think its the heat or overwatering? thanks bongsmilie

    edit: oops forgot to add the pic. should be up now

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    Bud King USA

    Bud King USA Member

    Hello friend. Unfortunately can't see your images however if I may suggest, you may like to consider the following check points to rectify this situation.

    The recommended day temperature with the cultivation of your "favourite plant" lies between 25 and 28 deg C. With higher temperatures the growth will slow down and the yield and quality will decrease (many growers experience this during summer). In the dark, other chemical reactions occur in the plant than in daytime. A lower temperature suits them best. The recommended night temperature lies between 15 and 20 deg C. With temperatures lower than 15 deg C the growth is obstructed, lower than 10 deg C the growth stagnates and lower than 5 deg C will damage the plant. The most ideal situation would be a grow room with both heating and airconditioning.

    The roots are especially sensitive to low temperatures. The absorption of nutrients through the roots is an active process. This means that the root needs energy to absorb the nutrients, but also to be able to select these nutrients. The root can, to a certain point, choose which and how much nutrient it absorbs. This process can be seriously disturbed with too low a temperature, because then there is insufficient energy available for this process. Therefore you have to make sure that when watering the plants the water is approximately 23 deg C. With cultivation on rockwool the nutrient solution temperature is held constant with the use of a special twin glass sleeved aquarium heater that has a built-in thermostat.

    It speaks for itself that the plant must receive enough water. Don't forget that the water needs of a plant, in time, can strongly differ. Freshly transplanted seedlings and cuttings require less water than a flowering adult plant. It is of great importance that the plant has a well developed and healthy set of roots for the optimal absorption of water (and the nutrients that will be mentioned here after).

    Most of the water absorbed by the plant is evaporated via the leaves. By doing so the air in the grow room becomes humid.

    Relative Humidity:
    The humidity will decrease because of the ventilation in the grow room. To measure the humidity , you need a hygrometer. A high relative humidity is very important for the seedlings in the beginning of the cycle (between 60% and 75%). At the end it is important to keep the RH low (40% to 50%) because it could cause the buds to rot. If the humidity is too high, you need to exhaust more air. If the humidity is too low you could first try to increase it by hanging some wet (clean!) towels or sheets in the room and by often spraying the underside of the leaves (normal tap water). If this is not sufficient you might consider buying a humidifier.

    The lamp must hang at a distance from the plants that will not cause any scorching of the leaves. This distance differs with the wattage of the lamp. I recommend a distance of: 400 Watt- 45 cm; 600 Watt- 85 cm; 1000 Watt- 105 cm. Don't hang the lamp any higher above the plants than necessary.

    Hope this helps.
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    Luger187 Well-Known Member

    good info! +rep

    i didnt think about the water temps. the daytime for the plants is 11pm-11am, and night time is 11am-11pm. this forced me to flush at 11pm, when the hose water was pretty cold. maybe i should pump a few gallons of hose water into a big bucket, and let it sit during the day to collect heat. that way, when i feed the plants, its a lil warmer

    highinbreck Member

    In school, if you plagiarized this much, you would have been kicked out. Nice copy and paste job.

    Heat should not be a problem if you aren't over 90. Probably not overwatering(though flushing is overwatering).... but stress from the flush. They should perk back up in another couple days. Question.... why the flush?

    HarryCarey Well-Known Member

    definitely the water temp if you used it straight from the hose thats usually like 40-50 deg. F they'll perk back up but ya next time use water in the 60-70 deg F range

    Luger187 Well-Known Member

    i received the plants on the 5th from a friend. theyre fully grown, and were thrown straight into flower. theyre a bit a rootbound, so i decided to flush before i added 'plant success soluble' and transplanted into lowes buckets. thats gonna happen in a few days
    Bud King USA

    Bud King USA Member

    Hello friend. This original information was written solely by myself when cultivating in Holland in the early 90's. I submit many free articles to websites and magazines. Feel free to distribute it and keep the information flowing.

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