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does this look done

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by joeyg88, Dec 6, 2017.


    joeyg88 Member

    i have a few plants which i stupidly not been looking after properly due to new baby arriving. some of them look done but not very big at all. my scope broke so not sure on tri

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    iNFID3L Well-Known Member

    how are we supposed to be able to tell from that !
    oh really???

    oh really??? Well-Known Member

    Close start your flush and wait for the trichomes to turn cloudy.
    oh really???

    oh really??? Well-Known Member

    Edit: Wait until the Plant turns cloudy rather than clear. It’s OK if the try combs are clear but the majority of the plant needs to look dull rather than sparkly.

    joeyg88 Member

    my new scope comes in a couple days so i can check better then. i was just wondering because the hairs are really dark
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