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Does smoking on an empty stomach make you more high? + does eating make you less high

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by hypernovax, Sep 1, 2008.


    hypernovax Well-Known Member

    If you smoke on empty stomach will you get more high than smoking on a full stomach?

    If your high and you eat will it make you less high?

    looking for some input on these 2 questions

    leowjb Well-Known Member

    Well for me I do seem to get higher or more stoned whenever I'm empty, but then I just go and eat anyways, then smoke more. lol

    hypernovax Well-Known Member

    yea i do seem to get more high on empty stomach just making sure its right im not sure if food kills the buzz though

    righton Active Member

    i found that when im high and eat alot i almost eat myself out of the high

    ryeguy Well-Known Member

    yeaa lmaoo its called burning out i find that if im hungry nd i smoke weed i wont be hungry anymore but when the weed wears off im twice as hungry as i was before i smoked the weed :P!!!!!

    misshestermoffitt New Member

    Empty stomache = more hungry, more quickly

    high and eat = less high

    If I'm already really hungry and get high it'll make the hunger go away for a bit.

    NewGrowth Well-Known Member

    I love food, but yeah after i eat I tend to smoke some more
    smoke two joints

    smoke two joints Well-Known Member

    personally, id prefer to smoke on a full stomach (or just eaten a meal a while ago) seeing as whenever i smoke on an empty stomach i just feel a bit shitty. anybody else get like this?

    NewGrowth Well-Known Member

    No I just get more hungry . . .bongsmilie:eyesmoke:
    smoke two joints

    smoke two joints Well-Known Member

    yeah same but i find that i dont feel hunger as strong as i would of done if i wasnt high, like you know when you get so ungry it hurts you just cant feel it hurting you just know your hungry, if that makes sense :P

    NewGrowth Well-Known Member

    No I feel you when you high and hungry its different, not as unpleasant as when you are not high. But I think the problem is when you are high and you start eating you just don't stop eating its like you can just eat forever. I could never eat a whole pizza sober but when I'm high I can demolish a pizza and even have some ice cream:mrgreen:
    smoke two joints

    smoke two joints Well-Known Member

    hahaa yeah i know what you mean man! :D
    NewGrowth likes this.

    misshestermoffitt New Member

    If I let too long of time go between meals I get sick to my stomache. Get high and I feel better for a while.

    bigtittymilf Well-Known Member

    i dont get higher on empty stpmach not that i have noticed anyway but i do lsoe my buzz as soon as i eat the way i can tell i have some REALLY good herb is when i eat a shit load and am still high

    leowjb Well-Known Member

    heh.. reminds me of one night when I ate 2 whole packs of chips ahoy cookies...

    sarah22 Well-Known Member

    i havent smoked on an empty stomach but eating after smoking definitely kills my buzz. and i can tell how good herb is by how much i eat...lol. if its good i can sit and eat a whole box of cereal...haha. if its not that great quality...i dont eat any more than if i was sober

    marketresource New Member

    food seems to be a buzzkill for me.. i get high, eat, then feel not as high.. more tired really

    "SICC" Well-Known Member

    I think so, like now before i go to work i get high 2 hours before i go, then before i leave i eat lunch and it calms the high down, i mean im high a day at work anyway, but the Big Whigs are there at the begining of the shitf

    tyler1117 New Member

    i just eat then smoke more weed

    drobro23 Well-Known Member

    eating is a buzz kill

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