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Does plucking/pulling of fan leaves shock the plant?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by mrhomegrown22, Oct 25, 2009.


    mrhomegrown22 Member

    I purchased OG Kush X bubba Kush from the Pharmacy in West Hollywood and i have been plucking/pulling the leaves on some of the plants so that the lower buds will get more light. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    stumps Well-Known Member

    Slap that hand thats pulling on your plant.

    wilsoncr17 Well-Known Member

    Fan leaves correlate to that bud site. You would be better off cutting off the bottom branches. If you pull a leaf make sure it has a red stem. But really you should have pulled off everything you weren't going to use before you start flowering.

    cowboylogic Well-Known Member

    Dosent sound like you did too much research. Pluck away to smaller buds and weaker plants.

    cowboylogic Well-Known Member

    Curious about the red stem statement. Could you please elaborate a bit on this theory? Thanks

    Ledhed Well-Known Member

    The big fan leaves absorb light and retain energy for later use by the plant. By pulling these off you are essentially starving your plant of stored nutrients and energy needed for growth and bud production. When that energy is used up, the leaves will dry up and fall off naturally, especially in the later stages of bud production. You should not pluck or pull off healthy, green fan leaves, regardless of stem color. The only situation where this is even slightly acceptable is if the leaves are totally blocking light penetration to bud/flower sights. Even in that situation, you can just tuck them under other leaves or move them slightly to the side if necessary to allow better light penetration to lower bud sites. When the plant is done with those leaves, they will fall off by themselves.

    slk Well-Known Member

    not many ppl here snip leaves here AT ALL!

    GreeneyedGardener Member

    I am just finishing my first grow and I made the mistake of pruning the plants during bloom cycle.

    It made sense at the time due to my experiance with the vegetable garden outside - with tomatoes, for example, it's great to prune the "sucker growth", those low leaves at the bottom of the plant. So I did that with my girls all through the bloom cycle.

    End result? I stressed the plants so much that one of them grew a schlong, and one schlong is VERY easy to overlook. And that one schlong polloniated. Fortunately most of the tops were unaffected, but I lost probably a good quarter of my yield to seed.

    From everything that I've read up on here - and please, if I'm mistaken, someone correct me! - it's OK to cut/prune/trim during the vegetative state, but once you get into bloom state, just let them.

    Hope this helps!

    nuera59 Well-Known Member

    Leaves = solar panels
    Buds = batterys
    Let em charge!!

    bcbuddon Member

    im unsure whether or not your still reading posts on this page but i wanted to inform you that plucking the leaves off the plant is essential to having massive bud growth and should only be done during the bloom cycle two weeks in to be exact and the plants should have almost everything plucked off them especially all fan leaves but even most little primaries growing out of buds. This will shock the plants for a day or two but after a week they will have grown a substantial amount of foliage back. This allows the plant to recieve as much light at the bottom as it is getting at the top therefore boosting bud growth below and increasing overall yield. You have to remember that marijauna is a weed and is very resiliant if this weed was growing in the wild and the majority of its leaves were eaten by an animal do you think it would die or would it come back stronger and produce more bud in hopes higher numbers next year nature has a way of making a seemingly drastic situation become a positive one in the end i have done this to plants before and will continue to in all future crops

    stumps Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking your wrong on many levels.

    dgk4life Well-Known Member

    plain and simple dont..leaves r solar panels for the plants they absorb and store energy leave your leafs alone

    dgk4life Well-Known Member

    this is y u never listen to a newb... totally wrong...i cant even begin to describe how much this dude dont know... :wall:

    Aussiee Well-Known Member

    dirty getto kids

    jimdoe100 Member

    so then it is a good idea to prune after flowering

    super2200 Well-Known Member

    Lol pay attention! :/

    cpearce Member

    leave the leaves if they are dead they will just fall off them selves..... dont go pulling or plucking...

    smokinskins New Member

    seems to me like a ton of people do- that dont make it right! tuck it dont pluck it its not chicken

    progeater Active Member

    lol nice way to put it

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