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Does perlite retain water?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Outdoor noob, Mar 4, 2010.

    Outdoor noob

    Outdoor noob New Member

    I was going to add some extra perlite to my Pro-mix HP soil, maybe another 15-20% perlite, than mix those with the native soil for outdoor. My only concern is putting in too much perlite which may cause my nutes and water to drain too quickly causing me to frequent my site more often to water and fertilize. Is this at all a factor?

    grassified Well-Known Member

    usually perilite helps drain water, but it does retain water to some extent. Your much better off getting peat moss or horse shit or something if you wanna retain water.

    kylecole420 Member

    I know this will sound crazy as hell but buy some high end cat litter and mix it with your soil. Cat litter absorbs water like crazy and will slowly release it when the soil heats up.

    Tunda Well-Known Member

    I use water crystals and they work great. I only use the shultz brand.
    Outdoor noob

    Outdoor noob New Member

    Yikes you beat me to the response.

    Well my question was DOES perlite retain water, and I based on what you guys are saying it does not, only drains. So I should invest into polymer crystals or water crystals...

    How much would I need for say 5 x 5.

    krazay Member

    FALSE. As a total noob to this website let me educate you with infinite wisdom

    "Perlite is an amorphous volcanic glass that has a relatively high water content"

    Perlite is used for growing to A. retain walter and B. keep the soil airy so the roots don't suffocate. (prevent compaction)

    chitownsmoking Guest

    perlite it good for holding small amounts of surface moisture.... that what makes it soo good at growing shrooms. it helps maintain humidity... for growing the small amount of water on the surface of the perlit is useless.. its better off for drainage like mentioned

    kkday Well-Known Member

    Water crystals u will only need about half a cup dry for a 3.5 cube bail of pro mix, or just buy the pro mix with it already in it. Coco coir is also a really great water retainer. Vermiculite is also great, cat litter, a diaper around the sides of a pot or in a hole. Will all work.
    Outdoor noob

    Outdoor noob New Member

    Thank you all so much!

    I was thinking of doing 60% pro mix hp, 20% perlite, 10% worm castings. Based on wiki worm castings are good for water retention, and I hear many people use it. OR pro mix hp with horse manure.

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