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does nirvana ship to the US

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by budster, Dec 4, 2006.


    budster Active Member

    just wondering if nirvana ships to the US, i've emailed them with no response....???

    also anyone in the US use any other seed banks with success???

    abudsmoker Well-Known Member

    yes they do i recieved a package less than 4 weeks ago

    th3bigbad Well-Known Member

    just about all of them will. just be careful with your credit cards. i buy from online seed banks all the time but only with cash, and make small orders. if customs takes 20.00 worth of seeds it hurts a lot less than them takeing 500.00 worth of them.

    toke420 Active Member

    how long did your seeds take to come (from when you mailed cash to when you recievd your seeds) and did the seeds come in an envelope???

    toke420 Active Member

    that is how i heard Nirvana sends

    Mark24688m Well-Known Member

    how long does it take to get them once you order them?

    tonyromo Well-Known Member

    Dont listen to people about Nirvana!!! They are rip offs. The stole my cash and won't respond now. Any site that does not return emails is a scam and that is just that... Want a real site that ships but don't trust what the people on here say because it is all bs.......... Why would Nirvana not talk to some, rip off some but ship to the others?? Think about it. They get on here and try to convince you they are ligit. Wouldnt you do it if you were trying to get suckers???? Peace. Get the word out to everyone NIRVANA IS DEAD AND RIPS EVERYONE OFF....

    blzbob Well-Known Member

    I use BCseedking.com I order 30 seeds 15 White Widow & 15 BC Big Bud.
    They e-mailed me with-in 10 mins and my seeds arrived 8 days later.
    They sent me 21 White Widow:hump:and 22 BC Big Bud:hump: and they where the best looking seeds I've ever bought. I just got them a week ago so I really can't tell ya anything else. GOOD LUCK

    Mackaveli420 Well-Known Member

    I have heard terrible things about nirvanas seeds and buisness practices. I even read one post where they threatened to call the cops on a customer

    kushkidd76 Active Member

    ahahahah this guys quote is the funniest shit ever my new hero and yes they do i am submiting an order as we speak:clap: im clapping about the quote by the way
    Silky Shagsalot

    Silky Shagsalot Well-Known Member

    ^^^double ditto!!!^^^ there will always be whiners when it comes to seed-banks. most established, long time seed-banks are very reliable. but there's always some bozo, that for some reason, doesn't get their beans. this is usually no fault of the company's. believe it or not, customs/whomever, does catch beans in the mail from time to time. how you handle that with the bean company, usually will determine how they respond. if you send them a message slinging shit, and making accusations and name calling, be prepared to be ignored. you can usually tell by someone's post at places like this, how they responded to the seed-bank...

    thealien1111 Active Member

    I wrote before and Ill say it again I bought from nirvana 2 or 3 times and the last shipment was white widow and purple power and the purple didnt pop so I emailed them and in 7 days I had new ones and they worked In my eyes nirvana rocks I live in the northeast of us and no problems yet.
    Iron Lungz23

    Iron Lungz23 Well-Known Member

    I just ordered from them last week & I've received two emails, first a confirmation, then to say they've reached the "in transit" stage, hopefully by monday they'll be shipped. They're a bit slow & for some reason I can't find an email address to contact them. As long as I get my beans, it's all good!!

    bullSnot Well-Known Member

    Nirvana is a breeder or seed bank...you can usually get their seeds from a retailer cheaper...but why when you can get better strains from top notch banks...

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