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Does Isc New York (Usps) Mean It Got Past Customs?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by K1Ng5p4d3, Oct 5, 2008.


    new2ky420 Member

    no they havent moved yet still isc new york

    new2ky420 Member

    Tracking just updated and they have moved to FLUSHING,NY YEAH BUDDY!!!

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    just an fyi, but the usps tracking sucks balls and more than likely you'll have them in your mail box long before the tracking says they are any where near you.. just my experience with it, and lots of other peoples as well..
    i usually don't even bother checking the tracking anymore it's so bad, and usually just gets me worked up more than anything thinking that they are not going to show..
    the only time i'll look at the tracking for the most part is if they are taking a really long time, say a good 3 or more weeks.. :)

    new2ky420 Member

    Yeah i know its just nice to see it get past all the BS that is US Customs ya know. Kinda lets you breath a little easy once you see it get out of ISC and know for sure its on its way now. Or my letter from custom hopefully its my beans tho lol fingers crossed.bongsmilie

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    yah, that's the thing, just cuz it says it's out of customs and on it's way to you, doesn't mean that customs didn't take out the seeds and simply sent the rest of the package on it's merry way..
    out of many many many many orders, i've had one snagged in customs, and all they did was simply take out any form of contraband that was in my package, and sent the rest of the package on it's way minus the beans and in it's place a lovely keepsake letter saying that someone tried to mail me a form of contraband, a list of some of the things that are considered contraband, a check mark in the drug box, and hand written in it said seeds.. :(

    mk3coupe Active Member

    got mine today.

    new2ky420 Member

    Cool shit im not to worried only 70 bucks with garunteed shipping they are in my home state or my letter from customs is lol fingers crossed

    greatwhite420 Member

    Did you get what you ordered or did the gov. scam you?

    scaredstraight Member

    Your Item's StatusYour item has been processed through our sort facility in ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) at 10:28 am on April 05, 2012.
    I hope that is good news


    ganjagod91 Member

    Nope ur fucked man.....read the thread!...lol all is good u will have sprouts in no time

    ktcmojo Member

    UNITED SMOKING POSTAL SERVICE-you didnt know that? after they smoke all the buds they will send you some shit and say BAM its all good send it thru

    icezero Member

    I been placin orders from the Uk and all got here except one. The tracking says processed ant ISC Ny sorting facility on June 13th . There is no further updated and I haven't gotten anything in the mail yet. The weird thing is I ordered something from the same place after that and Got that in a week, so it passed through ISC NY right away. So what gives, did they seize this? I am worried, not legally but financially. Is there any hope for getting this?

    longshot8541 Member

    If they seize it you'll get nothing but a little slip in the mail informing you of the seizure. My last order from attitude took almost 20 days, not including weekends. I wouldn't worry about it, just stop checking the tracking info and it'll be on your doorstep the next day.

    coloradogj Member

    My package from attitude got seized by LA ISC last week. It was re shipped and now back at LA ISC

    COLORADO_GROWN_420 Member

    did you ever get your second order???

    DSMstoner420 New Member

    I order through nirvana seeds and seedsman and neither were seized. Still waiting on the seedsman order to arrive. Shouldn't be much longer, it's in flushing New York and I live in Pennsylvania.
    klick klack

    klick klack Member

    I ordered from Original sensible seeds it was stealth shipment, I waited 37 days then got a letter from customs as well, says there may be penalty. BTW OSS customer service and website are always down, I'm over them. I ordered from Attitude Feb 17 and I saw there in ISC and ready for transit. Hope they come thru. LSD,PINAPPLE CHUNK and a few more. I'm new here so follow me I'm gonna need help here n there with first waterfarm grow

    mofucka Well-Known Member

    Thanks for shouting me out
    Shaka Zulu

    Shaka Zulu Member

    I just discreetly mailed cash to the Netherlands from USA. My package was immediately sent to ISC NY. Anyone have something similar occur to them? From research, I see that mainly inbound parcels are sent here. I am concerned that USPS customs will steal my money. It pisses me off, especially since there will be no more online updates apparently. I usually send parcels (artwork) to friends in Holland and this has never happened. This is day 3 with no updates after ISC NY. I may be jumping the gun here but it pisses me off that piece of chit gov't douchebags are rambling thru my shit. I'm never using USPS again despite the outcome of this.

    corners Well-Known Member

    Packages go to ny to be shipped to europe, calm down. Its the seeds coming back that you should be mroe worried about.

    My opinion?

    Dont get all worked up following tracking. It never matches and will stress you out over something you have no control over.

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