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does anyone know if i can use store bought colloidal silver to make seeds?

Discussion in 'Breeders Paradise' started by Tragik92, Mar 16, 2011.


    Tragik92 Well-Known Member

    or do i have to make it?

    Schwag2riche$ Member

    bump.. anyone?

    SCARHOLE Well-Known Member

    searh for...
    grumpy old dreamer fem seeds
    he shows how to do it with silver plateing with a cell phone charger an jewlery....
    Its great..
    Grumpy Old Dreamer

    Grumpy Old Dreamer Well-Known Member

    You can use store bought Colloidal Silver but it is very easy, cheap and quick to make your own.
    ... and thanks Scarhole for the recommendation.

    Schwag2riche$ Member

    this is tragik, sorry i got banned for 10 days due to uncle ben being a *****

    but anyway i know about the pure silver and distilled water thing, it just seems like too much of a hassle

    i really just wanna know if the shit u can get at vitamin shoppe works

    and what ppm i should get

    Schwag2riche$ Member

    cool man thanks, i was actually looking at your thread before and i saw that some guy asked, but he never really got a straight answer.

    also what ppm is best iyo?
    Grumpy Old Dreamer

    Grumpy Old Dreamer Well-Known Member

    Someone mentioned as low as 25ppm but I really have no idea - what I make works and that's all that matters to me :-)

    Schwag2riche$ Member

    ok well thank you, if worst comes to worst then ill have to make my own
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    Reprint from another growing forum:

    I wouldn't buy colloidal silver from anybody for anything ever!

    First off there's no way they have an actual 500 ppm of silver in the base they are advertising....

    Second colloidal silver today is treated like a snake oil, as people prepare it with so many off the wall methods and compounds being added to the water (base) prior to the anodes of silver being energized.

    What this does is offer a myriad of solutions or concoctions , which are not viable for achieving our sole intent and that is to deliver angstrom sized silver particles to the cells to inhibit ethylene .
    Want to get confused? go to Youtube and type in colloidal silver...you will be awestruck by all the idiots out there pawning off their garbage and shit for sale
    as the best CS or generators etc... a million different methods etc...

    You can save your self the headache and just do exactly as I have covered here and not worry about all the other BS!
    It's not complicated nor some super science...don't buy into the smoke and mirrors..
    I knew long ago when I created this method that there was no way to make a dime off of it as anybody could make CS with
    half a functioning brain and spray a plant.

    So I'm not out to sell you anything ,unlike the crap on Youtube.....
    I just wanted prospective breeders to reverse plants and try their hand at feminized breeding w/o being located by the DEA for
    buying silver nitrate and Sodium Thiosulfate together from photo suppliers who were turning your info over to the DEA.
    But you can as You've seen make it wrong....and that's why I want to show everybody the proper way,,,my way!
    My method is proven and works....don't deviate from it and you'll be fine...

    These other bottles of CS sold are made with questionable methods ,unknown ingredients and particle sizes undetermined.
    Colloidal silver does indeed have a shelf life as well...
    I don't like to use it for reversals after 30 days from creation,call it a Budweiser born on date. [​IMG]

    If you know anything about me you'd know I do it myself ,never trusting others to do it right.
    All the more reason why I laugh at anybody buying a bottle of colloidal silver for 20 bucks or so when I can make it properly in a controlled environment for pennies,and know it will work without question.

    That lil bottle of stuff that I'd never ingest is 28 bucks....
    4 fluid ounces!

    Mainly has silver protein in it!

    what is silver protein you ask??

    Please read this page I have made available in full....
    The Truth About Silver Protein and Mild Silver Protein (MSP) Products

    Also known as "mild silver protein", silver protein is made of metallic silver particles suspended in a polymer protein solution. While various polymer binders may be used, gelatin, an animal derived protein is one of the most commonly used. Gelatin is a natural long chain molecule of indefinite length (polymer). Other natural polymers, such as casein, which is derived from dairy products are sometimes used. Natural protein polymers derived from grains may also be used. While synthetic polymers are technically not proteins, they are long chain molecules of indefinite length and will produce the same generic type results as protein polymer molecules when used as an additive with silver particles. Therefore, we classify any product that uses a polymer additive as a "silver protein" type product because of the close similarities in the end result regardless of whether a synthetic or natural polymer is used.
    True silver colloids have tiny particles whose size is measured in nanometers (nm), from about 1 to 100 nm (a nanometer is one one billionth of a meter). However, the particles in silver protein products are many times larger, typically being in the range of 100 to 10,000 nm — or up to 1000 times larger than a typical silver colloid.

    Natural Path Silver Wings, Colloidal Silver, 500 ppm, 4 fl oz (120 ml) - iHerb.com

    This is snake oil my friend!

    1st it's never what we'd want to use for a plant as it would never work..
    The particles are far too large,and they are encased in all types of garbage
    listed above.

    I'm wondering how people can take other's money selling shit like this and still sleep at nite! [​IMG]

    Remember we want pure silver particles and nothing else....
    That lil bottle is full of everything else! and No usable silver colloids...I'm sorry!

    Please save your $$ buy the components I outlined in this tutorial and make your own ...
    You alone are the master of your destiny and your checking account![​IMG]

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