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Does anyone know how to make hash oil with water?

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by jungsheezy, Jan 3, 2009.


    jungsheezy Well-Known Member

    Hello, do any of you know how to make hash oil using water?:?: If so please tell.:-P I would not want to smoke or injest alcohol or coconut oil.:spew:

    flabbyone Well-Known Member

    To the best of my knowledge, you will not be able to get an oil with water. You can get bubble hash with water and ice, but not hash oil. THC is insoluble in water so it would not work as a solvent. Unless someone has come up with a way to make THC bleed into water, I don't believe it to be possible, not hash oil anyway.
    The most organic way to make a good hash would be the bubble bags or before bubble bags, there was ice hash or even the rolling box with the screens in it to catch the trich's,
    Good luck!
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    jungsheezy Well-Known Member

    Do you know of a way to make bubble hash without bubble bags? I would rather have that than oil. But I thought the only way is with micron bags or with tons of buckets.

    flabbyone Well-Known Member

    Yes, but it is much harder to do and I have not had real good luck with it, although it did work and made a very high grade of marijuana if not totally clean hash. I have always ended up with some plant material in the hash where the bags make it cleaner with little or no plant material in the hash.
    I am sure there is a write up on RIU somewhere on it. It is called ice hash. Basically, what you do is freeze your plant material over night. take a blender, run it on low with water, ice and your frozen plant material. Cycle it in short bursts. Once the plant material has had a few surges, the plant material floats on top and the hash trichs fall to the bottom. Let it settle in the fridge for an hour or so, remove the plant material floating on top, siphon off the water and green material, then on the bottom, you have your hash. Keep doing this until you no longer get hash on the bottom.

    Do not surge it to much on each process to avoid as much plant material as possible.

    I am sure there is a write up on here somewhere. Do a search for ice hash. I may have forgotten something, but before I had Bubble bags, this is one way I made hash.

    You can also buy silk screen material for cheap and make your own bags. Go by the micron sizes of the bubble mans bags and they will work. You can build them for $50 in parts plus your sewing ability. You can also buy filter bags for aquarium ponds but I have never tried either of these two methods but have read about others using them.
    Good Luck!
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    jungsheezy Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply, but thats blender hash. Yellow colored, bubble hash is dark and bubbles when you smoke it. But thanks for the reply

    flabbyone Well-Known Member

    Ok, then you have the hash made from screens in your rolling box, not exactly bubble either, but not bad. I think you want me to tell you something that can't be done. You want me to tell you that you can get hash oil by boiling it in water on the stove and then hash oil will float on top, it won't work.
    I did my best to answer your question. I am not going to tell you something will work when it won't. Like I said in all my messages, Good Luck, and I really mean that.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    why not just get some bubble bags? they pay for themselves the first time you use them.
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    flabbyone Well-Known Member

    What FDD said...I agree.

    You also might want to figure out how search works. You can find a whole lot of info if you just do a search. RIU search is a little different then goggle, but just put down your tags, like water hash, ice hash, bubble hash or what ever you are searching for. Keep playing with the search and you will figure it out.
    Good Luck!
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    jungsheezy Well-Known Member

    thanks for the input

    flabbyone Well-Known Member

    Really, if you want true bubble hash, bubble bags are the only way to go. You have to use a bubble hash producing strain to get true bubble too. Not just any strain will bubble when you light it which is what bubble is.

    Good Luck,


    YES M8 .... i got 2 ways ... i give you the better way n see if you preffer the easier method after... #fill one old pressure cooker (or 5ltr boiling flask) with half water and have on the boil, the outsource steam is channelled through tubing ( copper can be heated n bent to shape/or else i use glass tubing), this tube feeds into a second container ( another 5ltr boiling flask or whatever you use) which is heated too and filled with your green where the tube goes down into near bottom of container which too is heated making steam flow through your green in the container and through an outlet which is attached to a length of glass tubing packed with broken beer bottle glass (fractionating column) having a hole at top for a thermometer and another hole to let out the steam into another attached piece ( a condensor) , which is made easy by having one length of tubing fit inside another tube where the outer tube is flooded with flowing water through an inlet and outlet hole/tube and running into the sinn etc... and the condensed liquid caught ..... at around 70 celcius start to change the temperature at 5 degree increments catching the different liquid at these different temperatures that comes out.... you will end up with your oil, but temperature changes with the pressure your set up creates... ( it's also known as fractional distillation) :) ... the easier way is with an old pressure cooker , but isn't as pure as this method ...

    ph33ric Member

    what if you use boiling water, then simmer the water till it evaperats and u only have oil.

    gobbly Well-Known Member

    what other said on water based methods. Hash oil is an extract of the chemicals which break down in solvents at certain temperatures (mostly canabanoids), and then boiled down to a rather pure oil. Oily hash is just hash oil mixed back in with small amounts of carbon left over after extracting oil.

    cannakis Well-Known Member

    jheezy why not just make your own "rollbox" (apparently that is the name of such a device according to the flabbyone -- thank you for your wisdom) but why not make your own??? you can make a frame out of wood or pvc or somthin', then purchase a thin micro screen about 125-137 lines per inch and attach it to the frame and then get a clean mirror or glass to shake it over with, and there's your kief shaker for making hash; oh and just roll it all up in your fingers and make a ball and continue with it collecting the other dust. there are tons of videos on youtube... here is a link -- http://www.cannabisculture.com/v2/content/how-make-wicked-hash cheers.

    mochadog70 Active Member

    Do you have any pictures of this setup? This sounds legit!! I want to try it out..

    msancio Active Member


    saruchan28 Member

    If you have the right equipment, then you could attempt to distill THC from the plant directly, or from a tincture. If you used water, to get high enough temperatures not to boil the water before you get the product you want, you'd need to raise the pressure significantly (to 11~12 atmospheres). This would let you reach ~185C, which is a good temperature to release THC (used by many vaporizers). No promises, this all comes from theoretical calculations, but I believe that it could work.
    hd deuce

    hd deuce Member

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    hd deuce

    hd deuce Member

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    without bubble bags coffee filters ??

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    hd deuce

    hd deuce Member

    hash without bubble bags youtube indian charas hash

    basically rub the plant between ur hands scrape off black gummy resin (hash) smoke it

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