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doctors in northern nevada

Discussion in 'Nevada Patients' started by bkrblood, May 14, 2012.


    bkrblood Member

    are there any doctors in northern nevada that anyone knows of that will recomend the use of medical marijuana? also was wondering if anyone would think my condition would qualify here in nevada i know in cali it would. i have extremely bad eczma and also a nickel allergy. its to the point where i will scratch until i start ripping my skin open and bleed. ive had it all my life and marijuana seems to be the only thing that really helps. im sick of using steriod creams and sick of having to go around the law.

    sincitygrowJB Active Member

    if you got the $bones$ go two diversity tattoo anyone well do find out when the doctor visits set a appointment and your key word is chronic pain ok bro!!! JB
    Mack Buchanan

    Mack Buchanan Well-Known Member

    Look up Simmon Wilcox he did my card on the 8th of July 2010....... He gave me one for at least 50 mature,32 usable ounces on my persons.

    colerbear Active Member

    ^^^^= bad info for the state of nv.

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