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do you need to flush a hydro plant?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by Rhyspect, Sep 18, 2010.


    Rhyspect Active Member

    im one of the brand new growers to hydro, i was wondering, im using a bubble bucket dwc btw, do you need to flush a hydro plant a few weeks befor harvist to get rid of the nutrients?

    disposition84 Well-Known Member

    I think a few weeks is a bit much, but yes flushing is very important to having a quality harvest.

    Most people do it for a week or two AFAIK.

    windytodai Active Member

    Hell yeah. Mine is a flood and drain hydroponic system. I clean the system once a week and rinse the growing medium. Keep things clean I say. I've grown my plants from seeds to finish and they love the hydro way. ;)

    reggaerican Well-Known Member

    there are several final flush products out there that cut the flush time to as little as 12hrs. i personally use the supernatural quality cure. it works fabulous!! and yes i done side by side comparisons, same harvest. one tray i flushed with fresh water for 1 week then harvested.. in the other i pumped with nutes for the last week used quality cure and flushed for 12hrs. the final product was aprox. 15% bigger and more resinous then the one flushed and some say tasted better (debatable)?
    DARN!! im a jackass that would have made a nice thread with pics. haha peace
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    Rhyspect Active Member

    yeh reggaerican good answer! deffo start a thred! i'd subscribe XD

    SableZen Well-Known Member

    ...the likely possibility is that the '15% bigger and more resinous' product was just the result of not withholding a weeks worth of nutrients to flush.

    Without having a third control group without a flush and without using Supernatural Quality Cure being used... that comparison really doesn't mean anything. (Not trying to be combative - but if anyone tries it in the future and does a thread about it; it's something to keep in mind).

    I personally think a proper drying and cure is what's most important as far as taste goes - and that the need to flush or not is completely subjective and at the mercy of so many variables with different growers using different setups, strains, nutrients, additives, voodoo magic, etc for anyone to really say if it's really 'needed' in every case for every person with every grow. In any case, long flushing will result in plants not reaching their full potential and I personally can't tell the difference between flushed or non-flushed plants (but that's just me). However, I can easily tell the difference between a properly cured product and an improperly cured product. So I would just say experiment for yourself and see what works for you. =P

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