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Do you know what's wrong with these leaves?

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by Fractalicious, Jan 9, 2013.


    Fractalicious Member

    Using AN 3-part, B-52, Liquid Karma, Cal-Mag (maybe not enough???) I'm using RO water, but I'm only adding half of what is suggested because the label says if I'm using AN 3-part I won't need cal/mag (even when using RO water). I suspect this is incorrect, and any advice would be appreciated.

    Running RDWC using LED's. Temp/RH/PH all good.

    Check out the picts:

    Thank you all! View attachment 2472560 View attachment 2472561 View attachment 2472562 View attachment 2472563 View attachment 2472564 View attachment 2472565 View attachment 2472566 View attachment 2472567 View attachment 2472568 View attachment 2472569 View attachment 2472570 View attachment 2472571
    OG Superfly

    OG Superfly Member

    I would say your lighting, but then again I am no expert, just an old schooler trying to learn the ways of the newer younger generation......


    Chopsticks33 Active Member

    what is your ppm level? what is you ph? u doing dwc? how is your root looking?

    Fractalicious Member

    PPM 550-600
    RH 50%
    temp 75
    ph 5.6 - 5.7

    The light is off for the photo. Ambient light coming from other side of room. Roots look great.

    caveman97 Member

    looks like a Mg def to me, my plant is goin through the same thing. i still need to figure out a way to fix it tho

    graab187 Active Member

    My last run in soil had the same problem. Crinkled and crunchy leaves. I'm pretty sure it's mag def but not 100%. When I saw the problem in my soil grow I thought it was over watering so I backed off on the water and it seemed to recede. But obv yours is hydro so

    Chopsticks33 Active Member

    I had simliar problem before. at the end i found out my ph meter are f up. u using co2? try to flush it and only use 3 part and cal mag

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