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Do they scan every package? And how good is the x-ray scanners

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by livelarge, Sep 3, 2009.


    livelarge Member

    Can the scanners see whats inside the dvd- case when I'm shipping stuff through mail ?

    I'm sending something from Thailand to Europe.

    Hope anyone can say something about this, anything would be helpful.


    Best regards

    mkay420 Active Member

    i doubt they will scan a dvd case, especially if you can still fit a dvd in it. they send seeds from europe to the us in dvd cases sometimes. usually mail doesnt get scanned as much as people think it does, they probly scan a random item every now and again or put the packages through some sort of sniffer for explosives.... depending on what you would be sending i wouldnt worry a whole lot.

    livelarge Member

    I'm sending over some prescription pills, any suggestion on how I should pack it? My idea was inside a dvd case or maybe stuff it inside a teddy bear or something.

    But if they scan it, they will see right through it right? Maybe if I put it inside a copper figure, will they see it then? Or metal, aluminium or whatever?

    Any oppinions would be grateful.

    best regards

    mkay420 Active Member

    well there a re a few factors to consider... for one, do you have a permanent address that you are sending it from in thailand. also if you send it through a shipping company such as UPS OR fed ex with tracking service you will have to write on the outside what is in the package... this can be a good thing, you could use something like a coffee mug and put them inside that and put a bunch of packing stuff in the mug over the top of it and label the package as a coffee mug or something of that sort and they shouldnt suspect a whole lot. i have no idea how strict the mailing regulations are in thailand but i know US customs does in fact inspect some packages from certain countries more often... it might be good for you to research what kind of regulations they have for stuff coming from thailand... how many pills are you sending? if its alot i wouldnt do it. if its just a dozen or so you should be ok to send em... another thing you could do is get a box with large enough corrugation and put them down in between the layers of the box.... this has a couple downfalls though as they may get crushed or they might get wet or they might just come out if that part of the box gets ripped.... hopw i helped somewhat, i have to tell you though i think the use of prescription drugs for recreation is wrong and dangerous and that you shouldnt use any prescription drugs other than what a doctor has precribed specifically for you... i have seen many people ruin their lives doing them... good luck

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