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do the nutrients get into the trichomes?

Discussion in 'Organics' started by trippinoff8ball, Feb 24, 2013.


    trippinoff8ball Member

    im growing purposely to make oil from the bud so no green matter will be consumed, im just wondering the importance of using organics. thanks!

    Nullis Moderator

    Not exactly sure what your question is, or even what you mean by the thread title...

    trippinoff8ball Member

    like, if your growing non-organic you flush to get rid of the chemicals so when you smoke the bud your not taking in those nasty chemicals...but im growing just to extract the oil with iso alcohol so i was wondering if the chemicals get into the trichomes aswell as the buds. because if they dont get into the trichomes then i probably wont bother about growing organic, those bastard fungus gnats are doing my head in i wanna fast route out lol.

    Daniel987 Member

    Those fungus gnats will probably continue to wreak havoc on your grow if you continue to grow hydroponically. The reason is because with hydro set ups you have to keep a sterile environment. Which means bad bacteria can rapidly grow when they get the chance, if you were to grow organically you will breed millions of beneficial bacteria and fungi..etc. These good guys are able to keep your plants healthy, and help fight off pest such as fungus gnats. also when you grow organic order some lady bugs and unleash then on your gnats.
    p.s. cut up potatoes and put them in by the stalks of your plants, change them out regularly. The gnats will lay eggs on them, because they are attracted to roots and potatoes are roots.

    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    Ok this makes no sense ! Just grow it and stay away from snake oils

    trippinoff8ball Member

    you dont get my point, take your reply and run off a cliff with it lol

    trippinoff8ball Member

    MOD delete this post plz!!!

    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    I understand your pointless question and decided to give you a pointless answer .. Nutrients in your trichomes is nonsense ..

    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    Oh by the way , I fell off the cliff when I signed up here !

    trippinoff8ball Member

    if my question is pointless then you didnt have to reply, you could of fucked yourself up the ass with it...

    SpicySativa Well-Known Member

    Well... I wouldn't say that nutrients exactly "get in your trichomes"... Your trichomes DO contain all kinds of terpenes/terpenoids, which are responsible for the flavors and aromas of your final product. Growing organically (in my opinion and experience) maximizes the intensities of these aromas and flavors.

    That said... I have NEVER encountered a solvent extracted hash or oil that tasted good to me, organically grown or not... So... If your poor plants are bound for chemical/solvent extraction, it probably doesn't matter much how you grow them. They are (in my opinion) still going to taste like shit.

    I'll stick with my organic, aromatic, tasty, melty, bubble hash. :)

    Stepping off the soap box....

    SpicySativa Well-Known Member

    Not to mention... The idea of putting the time, effort, and passion into growing organically then dunking your product in isopropyl rubbing alcohol (plus "inert ingredients", chemicals added to give the alcohol a bitter taste so dumb fucks dont drink it) just seems counterintuitive to me.

    Frisko Active Member

    Lol, don't help him, he's being an ungreatful prick.

    SpicySativa Well-Known Member

    Ha! Not sure either of my posts were that "helpful", per se... Probably not the answer he was looking for.

    charface Well-Known Member

    Why have you not chosen to grow organic for the
    Good smoke and make hash from the trim.
    Sounds like you plan to hash the whole plant.
    Just wondering

    Apomixis Active Member

    Nutrients are nutrients. The plant build thousands of individual compounds out of whatever is in the soil. Why I keep seeing this stoner logic-that a plant somehow passes chemicals on through its tissue- is beyond me. You should worry more about the harmful effects of inhaling hot plant matter into your lungs than 'nasty ass chemicals'. Truth be told, you encounter more carcinogens in your day to day activity than you will through MJ chemical blah blah. Anyone here been around a running car lately?
    There are obvious differences, just like terroir in wine. I use my worm bin poop to fert my plants...
    And lets not forget how 'conventional' ferts are deleterious to almost every aspect of soil biota.. I am not advocating them here.
    But still... That logic kills me

    VX420 Active Member

    If I grow with Chem - N- they say it taste like CHem

    If I grow with bat Shit- N- they say its great.

    trippinoff8ball Member

    you the man!

    trippinoff8ball Member

    im growing for hemp oil, medicine! so i need lots of oil!!! and they advice organically which is what id prefer but i heard the yields less and thats the reasons for my fungus gnats...oh well im sticking to organics anyway dont gotta worry about salt build ups, ec, ppm, ph and all that crap, basically impossible to fuck up

    trippinoff8ball Member

    why you got lots of pics of ass on your account when your obviously not gettin none? isnt it torment?

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