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Do the local cops have to know?

Discussion in 'Massachusetts Patients' started by Edgar9, Jan 29, 2013.


    Edgar9 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if in Mass if you are a caregiver or if you are growing for yourself until the dispensaries are open do the local police have to be informed of your grow? Are they doing inspections too?

    I have heard that in some states the police come over and do an inspection to make sure you are following the guidelines set by the state.

    Edgar9 Well-Known Member

    Wow, I'm surprised no one knows the answer to this or won't comment.
    Nutes and Nugs

    Nutes and Nugs Well-Known Member

    Give it some time.
    The law is maybe changing or need to be written.

    bde0001 New Member

    really? I could see that for caregivers...but just patients too? yikes...i would think the police have more important thing to worry about, depending on where you live ofcourse.

    RICOLA Member

    I'd hope it would be at the patient/caregiver's discretion to notify or not

    RICOLA Member

    But then again who's gonna notify if they don't have 2 lol

    wheatback Member

    THe police are not allowed to search as long as you can produce your doctor's recomendation... although if the police have a warrent or can see more than a 60 day supply they are allowed to search and potentially confiscate.

    Federal agents on the other hand are a different story.... because it is still a federal crime they can search

    epsonsalt Member

    Nothing in place yet. LEO does not have to be informed.

    epsonsalt Member

    How would a police officer know what a 60day supply for one of your patients looks like? I have a patient that goes through an oz a week. There are no regs in place for law enforcement in MA regarding legal grows. Anything posted here is speculation

    LadyZandra Active Member

    Like the man said- there isn't even a clear law on the books yet....
    IF they are like most Laws, you only have to be licensed.. with your grow in a locked facility than NO ONE may enter unless they themselves are a licensed patient or caregiver.
    And you need to keep not only your license, but also your papers available... but you do not EVER call and tell the Cops you are growing... otherwise You've admitted to a FEDERAL offense and they are obliged to report it... State Laws be damned.

    No one will bother you as long as you do not tell people you are growing, and the only people who know are you and your patient(s)... period. No Parties where you grow... not a lot of in-and-out traffic... or they can come and search.

    IF anyone tries to search- ask for a warrent signed by a judge.. not just a basic warrant. If it not signed, and you are licensed, they have no right to search.

    konaspec Active Member

    I had a b and e at my house called the cops to report it ,they came in my house says it stinks like weed I told them I got my card.And it smells because I have my meds in the house they checked out the spot the break in was at said they report it advised to me get cameras they took some meds . all the cops said was it someone i know shook my hand and left I hope I didn't screw myself guess well c I almost wondered if I can get a report of the breaking c what they put down idk :neutral:

    Edgar9 Well-Known Member

    Who took the meds? The cops or the person who broke in? It's hard to understand what you wrote.

    konaspec Active Member

    Sorry was kinda out of it. The person that broke in took them the cops didn't do anything they just suggested it was someone I know and to get cameras. Its sad to say but I think it my brother he's scum and has done this type of shit before

    testone New Member

    Ouch thats a shitty thing to happen especially a brother.
    My sympathies bro

    konaspec Active Member

    thanks man i know ,but it did feel good to tell the cops im legal they were cool and left .time for cams and iron bars .im layed off right now so i might go park my truck at a buds and wait for them to come back for more. I got my 40 ready and cell catch em red handed

    martinoa85 Member

    actually if you have a hardship cultivation, you basically give them the right to enter ans inspect your grow at ANY TIME. says so right in the regulations. There is a shitload of misinformation on here. Just READ THE REGULATIONS before making shit up, and using other states rules to make a point.

    RobTheViking420 Member

    Until Jan 1 2014 you don't have to worry about that.

    martinoa85 Member

    yup rob you are right, im waiting til jan 2014 to sign up. do you know the repurcussions of growing and not sending them your info. i heard only $150 fine. could be hearsay.

    sadface Active Member

    Have they defined what qualifies at as a hardship?

    Does not being able to afford to be able to buy 10 oz every 60 days qualify as a hardship? Think about it, CHEAP they are saying 60 day a supply is $2k or $24k per year. Not being able to subsidize this medication through insurance makes buying it from dispensaries a hardship, meaning everyone should be able to grow! Then at that point; even if you can afford it why should you have to pay out the ass when "less well off" individuals can grow their own? Granted not everyone needs 10oz every 60 days (I know for sure I don't); but if the law dictates what a 60 day supply is that is what should be used as basis of arguments, sounds to me like everyone should be able to grow.

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    what are you signing up for after jan1?

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