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do spidermites live only on the plants, or do they live and nest threw out eh room?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by affdawg, Sep 16, 2008.


    affdawg Active Member

    do spidermites live only on the plants, or do they live and nest threw out the room?

    I just moved plants from a friends addic into a newly renovated room for growing purpaces. Since I found spidermites on one of the plants I am whiping down the whole room with insectasidal soap as well as the plants. I plan on repeating this untill the mites are gone.

    Should I just remove the plant before the room becomes inffested?
    or should it be fine in the room as long as I keep applying the soap?
    The plants have been there for a couple of days, is the room already infessted?

    bobman Well-Known Member

    keep a close eye on them. u probably brought them in with u. i fought them a few different ways. u may want to get these no pest strips. they are at home depot. just keep an eye on it. be careful what u bring in from the outside.

    I would not remove plants u are already fighting the battle just stay on top of it.
    I dont think its infested but those things can put up a battle.

    jUst do a bunch of searches on spidermites and battle them different ways. As long as u keep on top of it u should be ok.

    I used no pest strips, insecticidle soap and foggers. This time of year is good because its going to be getting colder soon and that should knock them down. I found mine at the beginning of summer fought them for about 10 days and they never came back.

    affdawg Active Member

    thanks man, I ended up killing them anyway, but that's because i ordered seeds and they arrived. I didn't care too much about shit seeds I got from shwag that were only a month old. Hopefully i'll never see spidermites again.

    saynotothebs Well-Known Member

    good luck hope they didnt have no babies...

    NomadicSky Well-Known Member

    Something really small and spidelike lived on one of my plants unit it killed it.

    affdawg Active Member

    ill hate my life if they have babies and ruin my babies

    overfiend HeavyMetalHippie

    if you are starting over w/ a new grow spray a diluted solution of bleach/water in the room and surrounding area before putting new plants in. also neem oil is best for spidermites you gotta spray generously on plants especially under leaves and repeat every 5 days mine went away after 4 cycles of spraying there has'nt been any since. be sure to keep the area clean, and from time to time take all plants out of the room and spray with the bleach solution to prevent them from colonizing in the future. if you get lazy they will get in

    abudsmoker Well-Known Member

    it is hard to spot one or two but one or two many millions.

    use a mitecide around the area or a bleach. if your garden gets weak nature will send in the clean up crew to kill and devour the plants. mites are just natures way of keeping you honest.

    If i see them once i treat everything 3x 29 days part with floramite

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