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Do seeds from Bad bag weed produce bad bud grow?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by mrshidada, Jul 21, 2009.


    mrshidada Member

    If I pick seeds from bad low grade bud, and plant them, will the bud produced be bad automatically and not very potent? Or could the seeds have been good and produce good bud and it just depends on how much attention I give the plant?

    SaucyAussie Active Member

    My very first grow ever, from bagseed:


    fish601 Active Member

    well if bud has seeds it doesnt have much thc in it.. if u grow seedless weed it will be stronger
    IMO comercial growers use good weed its just full of seeds

    poutineeh Well-Known Member

    amazing job. are those just standard fluorescents? or do you have a HPS hidden at the top?

    SaucyAussie Active Member


    Yeah, there's a 100W HPS at the top, just one plant to maturity. :)

    SaucyAussie Active Member

    BTW, anyone have any ideas as to the strain?

    Growth: 100W MH + Four T30 Fluorescents, 5000K
    Flower: 100W HPS + Four T30 Flourescents, 3000K

    weedsmoke1221 Active Member

    I was pondering this, and came to the conclusion good weed is usually good because the grower paid attention to what the plants needs were, genetics does have a large play on how they mature, but in the end they all mature in to weed... its just like us humans some people are healthy all the time, some have to work to stay healthy... other have to work really hard.

    I would opt for the best bag seed you can come by and start there.

    poutineeh Well-Known Member

    doubt anyone can tell the strain, but it looks like its mostly sativa. id say 70% sativa as a guess from the fan leaves

    SaucyAussie Active Member

    Ahh, thanks! That would explain the long flowering cycle. :)

    MrJoshC Well-Known Member

    Strain definitely matters. It is possible to grow a seed out from a crap bag and 99% of the time it will be better then the bag. But I can tell you from experience, good genetics grow faster, denser, and bigger buds. I am in no means saying bag seed produces bad bud it just isn't "as" good.

    thatdjsnow Well-Known Member

    He says it best - Some people are natural born "mesomorphs" and make the best bodybuilders, with little effort... and some of use are "ectomorphic" and some are "endomorphic"... where as mesos gain muscle and lose fat with no problem, ectos lose fat but can't gain muscle, and endos gain muscle but cant lose fat..... It's all in genetics - but with devotion and careful attention, anyone can trick their genes and be a bodybuilder, but they might not ever win a competition.

    So some weak strain of bagseed may not win you the cannabis cup - but you could still double or even triple the potency compared to the bag you got it from. Just watch out - if growing genetically "bad" weed very well, small mistakes and errors could really hit you a lot harder than some one growing a more stable strain. Really pay attention.

    Good Luck.

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