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do seeds expire?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by holdthatshitin, Feb 9, 2009.


    holdthatshitin Well-Known Member

    just wondering if you order seeds online if they can go bad. just found some old kush seeds i ordered like allmost 2 years ago. will they still be good to grow?. they were kept in a bag.

    ghosthorse Active Member

    I've had seeds that were about 15 yrs grow in fact we thought we lost this strain because we ditch all our plants long time ago when a chopper buzzed our house a couple times. Anyway we had given a friend some seeds and when he moved he asked if we wanted these seeds he had n his freezer we gave him years ago, so we grew them out last year, what a pleasant surprise. Side note The chopper was the power company checking the remote lines for an outage. What a f...... trip that was.

    X.T.C. Active Member

    YES! marijuana seeds just like any other seed can go bad. If the seeds you have have been kept away from light and moisture you may be ok or maybe not. The longer you wait the great the chance the seeds wont germinate so i would recommend starting growing them soon or giving them to someone who will because a kind seed is a terrible thing to waste.

    holdthatshitin Well-Known Member

    hahahaha wow i bet that was a rush. thanks man i start germing these babies soon.

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