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Do Police even bother trying to bust small grow ops anymore?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by BKCSG, Oct 10, 2010.



    i heard in oklahoma you can get busted for thinking about growing, don't move to oklahoma.

    schwa Active Member

    i know a guy that had like 20 plants and they charged him with felony manufacturing of drugs.........now when he tries to get a job they are going to think he was cooking meth.

    goldenone Member

    Like I said good luck with that. They will sometimes determine that you are able bodied and able to work and that you can hire an attorney. They will keep you in jail until you fulfill the required paper work. Been there and done that and they can and will do what ever they please. Not all counties are quite that bad, but some are. I thought the same as you and I thought wrong.

    TheOrganic Well-Known Member

    What we do here is Illegal just giving advice on growing, Its all bullshit and states will soon follow suite of CA. I'm glad its decriminalized here were I'm at. Its meth there going after! Damn crazy meth making hillbillies!!!

    brick20 Well-Known Member

    shit dem crackers gone have a field day with 10-15 small plants

    fornitsomefornus Active Member

    I read this article myself. I wonder if maybe they were being checked out for other reasons or if it was just dumb luck to fnd 2 plants while flying in a helicopter. I know its hard to spot people from helicopters, forget about 2 little green plants among other green plants in a garden.

    fornitsomefornus Active Member

    I was recently buying from a guy who got busted; he told me his biggest problem was the sawed off shotgun they found in his apartment...I was like, "why the eff am I dealing with a person who owns a sawed-off shotgun???" It then dawned on me that you just don't know WHO you are dealing with most of the time, and then my personal safety became a question. So I decided to grow. I hate thinking that I am taking a bigger legal risk this way, with my peaceful endeavor. but it is true, I open up the whole "cultivation and distribution" door now, instead of just possession - even though I don't sell and I don't share either. The only people I know here who smoke pot are the people who sell it and they aren't getting any freebies here!
    Total Head

    Total Head Well-Known Member

    that's it right there. most of the people i know who have been busted were busted by accident and were busted way harder for other shit that was found besides weed like guns and money. i know a dealer who just got fucked because him and his roomate beat the shit out of two robbers that broke in their house and a robber's gun went off. if the cops didn't need to go in there to find the bullet they would have got off scot free. they found some shake and got a warrant and dude got busted for his "home security". no weight was found.

    NLNo5 Active Member

    You guys are freaking me out. This whole thread is killing my buzz. Fuc.

    NLNo5 Active Member

    Fuck that. Im never going to live in Ohio.

    Anyone know how bad it is in Idaho??

    420God Well-Known Member

    Well if you haven't been busted yet then keep quite and don't worry. No matter what state you're in you still have a little to worry about.

    fabfun New Member


    KingDavid91 Active Member

    wait ohio was decriminalized the last time i checked, i didnt know they were as strict as you say

    mcgravity Active Member

    what do you think would happen if you got busted and they found your full set up everything from lights to waterin can , but they was no plants growing , do they hae a right to take everything ? ir could you say you wanted to start growing tomatos

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    indoor of course they will. outdoor on remote rugged terrain, maybe not.

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    no pot =no charges ,unless your dumb enough to tell them your about to grow dope.

    mcgravity Active Member

    i have heard from a lot of people the police can not charge you with any thing for growing cannabis when in veg state , but they can take all stuff

    but can charge you when in flower stage is part of this true or untrue

    mak Active Member

    that is a good question that i would like to know aswell,even though i have a med card.
    Carl Spackler

    Carl Spackler Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately this is not true. It is in the best interest of all LEO, DEA etc. to seize all plants regardless of size, maturity or sex. I recently saw a local outdoor bust with over 450 plants taken. The local news media shot video of the plants up close. The grow was poorly planned and included some of the worst looking "schwag" I've ever seen. Females covered in seeds, some of which were clearly planted too late to get even close to maturity, popcorn buds covered in spider mite damage due to the hot summer, abundant numbers of males (local "barney was proudly holding one) you name it..this was one fucked up grow. The media said the street value was close to $4 million. Hyping a bust to keep the money flowing goes way back with these people.

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