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Do plants need DIRECT sunlight?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by mrgrower, Jun 24, 2009.


    mrgrower Member

    ok so the other day i transplanted my plant to a spot in my backyard where it cannot be seen. but the problem is, there is a big tree a couple feet away where the branches (leaves and stuff) are blocking sunlight. now there is green bushes and vegetation back there, so i assumed there would be enough light. but my plant seems to be in the shade alot and i'm worried she is going to die if she doesn't get direct sunlight. also, noticed the soil was still pretty wet from the day before when i watered her. does she need direct sunlight? if so, this will be the 3rd time i will have to trasnplant her and i'm afraid the shock of me digging her up again will kill her. now it's been in this spot for about 3 days...what should i do?

    TeaTreeOil Well-Known Member

    Need? No.... Greatly desires? Yes.

    3 days? Leave it at least a week before you transplant it again.

    gangjababy Well-Known Member

    just cut away a couple of branches

    DownOnWax Well-Known Member

    Yeah, they will survive in shaded areas but you won't see much production.

    And the plant will be stretchy and have fluffy/ crap buds.

    mrgrower Member


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