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Do plants ever stop "drinking"?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by GrowBigOrGrowHome, May 31, 2008.


    GrowBigOrGrowHome Well-Known Member


    I'm growing in soil. I'm about 35 days into flowering. If you want to see pics, check out the link in my signature.

    So normally since my plants have been flowering, the soil has been getting dry about every other day, which has driven my watering schedule. However, this week the last time I watered was four days ago and the soil still isn't as dry as it usually is when I decide to water.

    My question is this, is the damp soil a result of the environment changing (ie. it's not as hot, grow room humidity is higher, etc.) or is it possible for a plant to stop "drinking"? In other words, does the soil get dry primarily because plants "drink" the water or is it mostly just from evaporation? Should I be worried about this?


    Picasso345 Well-Known Member

    My experience is that most of the water loss is from the plants drinking. A pot of soil not in direct light stays wet for far longer then you would think.

    I seem to remember reading something about plants shutting down drinking at some point, but nothing is leaping to mind.

    LoudBlunts Well-Known Member

    IMHO, i dont think plants stop drinking....in that case

    would a plant be able to live in stand still water?

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