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Do I need to PH distiller water before watering?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Organique04, Oct 24, 2012.


    Organique04 Active Member

    The distilled water I'm using has a 4.5 PH. I am using foxfarm happy frog soil. Can I just water with that PH? Also when it comes to adding nutes into gallons of water, can I just mix correct amount of mutes straight into gallon of water, and save what I don't use for the next feeding?

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    No distilled water sold for human consumption has a pH that low. How did you measure that?

    Orlandocb Active Member

    distilled water should be around 6.9 to 7.1 maybe not even that perfect but still close to 7

    Organique04 Active Member

    With a PH Pen..... allbeit a cheap $15 one. Is bottled distilled water ok to simply water with? I am assuming there is no chlorine to dissapate 24 hours like tap water. I just dont want to get into the "science of water" here. If distilled or RO water is good out of the bottle I just want to water with it :-)

    pmumbry Active Member

    the ph of distilled water will vary but i have never seen it that low. i think you might want to invest in a better ph measuring device. look into the hanna brand instruments and get one of those...bottled distilled water should be fine to water with, or RO water, it will be fine as well.

    Organique04 Active Member

    Cool. I will go with one of those.

    deejay123 Active Member

    Get a PH pen, cant stress enough how much that has helped me out throught my grow. Its invaluable! Whats your tap water like? Just put the desired amount in a bucket and leave it over night in darkness to get rid of the chlorine and you should be fine. Get some PH up and down also!

    imchucky666 Well-Known Member

    Sorry Harley, sorry for that too, I'm not laughing at your answer, but that there were 2 guys last week, also said their distilled PH was high 4's to low 5's, and I'm just wondering did a batch of bad water get out, and growers are the first to be aware of it.

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