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Do I need to adjust the water to my seedlings?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Mike7, May 17, 2010.


    Mike7 Active Member

    So i spray my seedlings daily with 3 quick sprays per rockwool cube, and i was wondering if i needed to trreat it with anything (e.g nutrients, ph changer, etc.) any ideas?


    webb107 Well-Known Member

    no need for nute yet wait until there atleast 2-3 weeks befor nutes, and the water your using must be fine but get a ph meter and check it if you want

    Mike7 Active Member

    what is ideal ph now, 7?

    diowk Active Member

    ph doesnt really matter at this point. Keep it from 5-7 and your good. The reason you adjust ph is to avoid nutrient lockout (nutrients will only be absorbed in a certain ph range) Since you arent giving them any nutrients yet you dont have to worry about that so dont adjust ph until you add nutes. Also, if you really wanna be lazy you can use the new general organics 'biothrive' line. It doesnt require you to adjust the ph because the plant will adjust the ph to whatever it needs it at the current growth stage. It works beautifully

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