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Do cigarette filters filter out THC?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by skippy pb, Dec 6, 2008.

    skippy pb

    skippy pb Well-Known Member

    Theres been alot of debate on this and ive heard too sides. Most people and most of them being people with know scientific backround say it filters out THC.

    Now one that actually has some merit behind it validating the other side said that delta-9 is too small to be filtered out.

    Whos right?

    Cannabox Well-Known Member

    do they filter out nicotine?
    skippy pb

    skippy pb Well-Known Member

    Idk yes and no I would say. So it filters out some THC is that what your gettign at?
    dogglet forever

    dogglet forever Well-Known Member

    roll a joint with a filter and find out... LOL! i'm outta papers

    Cannabox Well-Known Member

    well friend of mine alot of times rolls with those filters, cause he rolls his own smokes too.. i get ripped off em still.. but i'm sure they are filtering out some..

    Bombadil Well-Known Member

    From looking at the molecules, the THC molecule is a little over two or three times bigger than nicotine. I could see how nicotine could fit through something THC wouldn't. I don't know how big the openings in a cigarette filter are. It makes sense to make them just big enough for nicotine to go through so nothing bigger that is carcinogenic gets through, but cigarette companies aren't to concerned with health.

    Gryphonn Well-Known Member

    Cigarette filters are there to stop some of the tars getting into your system, but mainly to stop bits of tobacco sucking into your mouth and to stop your smoke end getting wet.

    When you talk about THC and Nicotine in a gaseous state, you need to think on a molecular level.Any sort of filter will always prevent some of the active ingredient getting to your lungs. Even bong water filters some THC from the smoke, as well as the tars and other nasties. However, the amount of THC lost through either a filter or bong water is miniscule in terms of getting high. THC molecules would think a tobacco filter was a ten lane freeway on a quiet Sunday.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    I'd be more worried of the cigarette filters themselves.... read up a bit about the microscopic dust from the filters itself... nasty shit...

    That is why I use the tip of a cigarette as a filter... (I get plenty stoned).

    cannabiscrusader Well-Known Member

    i worked with a dude who stuffed cigs with weed, think he cut like 1/4 of the filter off. But id smoke with him every day and id be fucked right up every day. So if u ask me if cigarette filters filter out thc...... i cant remember

    stalebiscuit Well-Known Member

    why does it matter

    why put a fucking filter on it, keep it raw
    skippy pb

    skippy pb Well-Known Member

    Why a filter? Like your sayingn going raw no filter at all or just those raw roach papers?

    Cause if your saying not filter at all your missing something haha. Your never had someone lip the end of your blunt/J or whatever?

    stalebiscuit Well-Known Member

    i dont smoke with people who shower blunts with spit

    jsn9333 Well-Known Member


    That study showed that water (the 'filter' in bongs) filtered out more THC then tar. This was probably because THC is "stickier" then the tar, and stuck to the water better then the tar did. So I'd say a cigarette filter would probably have the same effect.

    The end result is a smoke that has more tar and less THC then an unfiltered joint. I'm no scientist, but I'd guess the amounts are so small it probably doesn't matter, and if filtering with water or whatever else makes the hits smoother for you, its worth it.

    I personally vape whenever possible.
    skippy pb

    skippy pb Well-Known Member

    Yes I agree with you on that. I watched a video on how bongs are worse for you then joints. I forgot the name of it but scientific research found out that the water filtration didn't "cleanse the smoke" or purify it. But in fact it actually made it worse.
    I not going to be like THATS IMPOSSIBLE just cause i like smoking bong like I feel many do. Most people base a bong as in the smoke goes through water so it has to be filtering it. But wouldn't it be possible that the water might leave bad stuff and filter out the good?

    All im saying is its possible. Smoke weed isn't good for you, persay. Neither is alcohol same boat, yeah its bad but who cares im not gunna beat around the bush here.

    Idk where that rant came from, my bad but its already been typed im not deleting it.
    skippy pb

    skippy pb Well-Known Member

    No I feel you too an extent. But figure this, i usually dont either but sometimes people hop in a circle at a party and it ends up like that. So its a precation.

    Also it prevents anything from getting sucked into your mouth.

    Another reason is when it gets down to a roach it sucks to be poor man hittin it. Like burning yourself and such, the smokes usually very hot when its that small.
    Now if you throw it in the bowl thats fine too.

    Now im not saying your wrong man. No ways better then the other, im just tryna let you see my viewpoint. Its like spliffs vs. straights, its whatever. Purely preferance.

    TomDoobily Active Member

    hey any of you guys seen those filters from swan that actually have activated carbon in them? I wonder what effect that has.
    skippy pb

    skippy pb Well-Known Member

    Thats pretty cool. Ive heard of the activated carbon bong pieces and there supposed to filter out tars and other bad stuff but idk.

    hom36rown Well-Known Member

    yes, it will definitely filter out some, even water from a bong filters out a little bit
    dogglet forever

    dogglet forever Well-Known Member

    just eat it

    Pumert Well-Known Member

    Well here is a cure for your problem just take out the filter if ur trying to smoke it out of a cigaret

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