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Do cats eat cannibas?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by $toned che$$, Sep 30, 2008.

    $toned che$$

    $toned che$$ Well-Known Member

    One of my seeds just sprouted today. The ledge it sits on is out of reach of my dog, but my cat is often up there. I imagine cats probably would eat marijuana if given the chance, but I don't know where to put it that's out of reach of the cat. Has anyone ever had their bud plant maimed by a cat?

    Jenisonc Active Member

    I had my plant out the other day and my cat took a bite right in front of me. I'd be careful. My other cat ate an entire leaf of my girlfriends money tree so I don't they mind the taste of foliage and photosynthesis. Good luck with your cat and your grow.
    $toned che$$

    $toned che$$ Well-Known Member

    Yikes, I'll have to be carefull then. I don't have the equipment to move my plant inside and my cat spends a lot of time outdoors. I'll probably just put some netting around it or something

    Gorlax Well-Known Member

    My cat goes crazy when ever I take the plants out of the cab for wattering, he loves to chew on the leafs...

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    I've seen a cat eat its own shit before... What do you think?

    Cats will fuck your plants up. Bringing in pests, pawing and chewing at the leaves... Only thing cats are good for is if you like dead birds brought to your feet. I can't wait to get another one! I just need to make sure it stays the hell out of the grow.
    $toned che$$

    $toned che$$ Well-Known Member

    It's currently an outdoor plant, but it would probably be best to move it inside and keep it in a room that the cat can't get into as soon as I get the proper lighting/ventilation setup. If only I could keep the cat out of the backyard :-/

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    Hmm... your plants will be fine indoors. Good luck you know.

    nexus2154 Active Member

    My friends cat ate his closet grown plant a few days into flowering... so I would watch out

    data Well-Known Member

    ive had a cat get into my grow before when i was doing closet grows.
    its not good.

    captain792000 New Member

    dont know how true this is but Ive read that MJ plants are poison to cats.... my father always says.. theres only one thing more cruel than a cat and thats a human... thats pretty fucking cruel.... example.. cat eating your plant....lol..
    wannabe grower

    wannabe grower Well-Known Member

    Again I reiterate, cats can develope chlorophyll deficiencies. When they do they will eat vegetation grasses, leaves, and yes your weed. You can help you cat and your weed by feeding said cat some tasty treats that contain chlorophyll available at most major grocery stores and/or pet stores. One caveat, if your cat has developed a liking for the green bud all bets are off. :) Good Luck.

    Johnnyorganic Well-Known Member

    A cat will eat a weed plant.

    My solution was to give Priscilla all the weed she wanted. Any males, or hermaphrodites, are hers to destroy at her leisure. Any trimmings are hers. She leaves my secret garden alone now. All my girls merit now is the feline version of a look of sheer boredom. I guess I took all the all the fun out of it when I compromised with her. No more mystery.

    data Well-Known Member

    i would be careful with feeding scraps.
    this can train the cat to eat your plants.
    not saying you would let it happen, but sometimes.. even once things can happen.

    Johnnyorganic Well-Known Member

    On the contrary, it solved the problem. Please take note that she gets males and hermaprodites as well as trimmings. Before I compromised with her, I could not keep her out of my grow. One does not need to train a cat a eat an indoor plant. Trust me, it comes natural. My solution satisfied her need to eat the plants I preferred her not to eat and encouraged her to eat the plants I did not care about.

    Now she is pretty much indifferent to my grow. She does not know the difference between male, female and hermaphrodite. It all tastes like weed to her. This way, she gets all she wants whenever she wants.

    nz.dak.smkr Active Member

    i roll up balls of weed and feed them 2 my gold fish it goes nuts haha awsum entertainment wen your whackd as

    XReddiWipX Well-Known Member

    Thanks for a morning chuckle! That was great! :)

    DivinePower Well-Known Member

    Never leave your plants out and run to Home Depot with 2 cats running around the house.

    Lesson learned!
    $toned che$$

    $toned che$$ Well-Known Member

    LOL that's some funny shit. My buddies and I used to get my golden retriever drunk and high (she drank beer that I put in her dish and we'd blow smoke in her ears) and she liked it until one night we got her so high that she stood in the center of the living room for hours in the same position as if paralyzed or frozen, all the while looking at a blank space on the wall. After that night she would still drink beer but avoided bud smoke at all costs :-P

    Ouch, tough break :-/ I'd probably cry lol

    DivinePower Well-Known Member

    They only ate the tips of some of the leaves. Kind of stunted them for a couple days. They were fine in the end though. Still gorwing strong!
    $toned che$$

    $toned che$$ Well-Known Member

    Damn, you got lucky. I'd expect a cat to eat a bud plant stem and all. I was watering my plants this morning and my cat followed me into the yard and seemed intrigued by my tallest sprout (which is only about an inch so far, the one in my avatar) so I'm really going to have to keep an eye on him when he's out there. I'll get my insurance money in a week at the most so I'll be able to afford a medi card and a nice indoor setup that my cat can't fuck with, and probably some sort of netting or fence that my cat can't get into so I can keep some outside if I want

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