Do any of these strains have strong odours when growing?

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    Slothman94 Member

    So im currently growing a Blueberry for myself, however there is skunk in the genetics so the primary odour that comes of the plant is a pungent skunk smell, and even though my parents don't mind me having a plant or two for myself they are not a fan of the strong odours that it gives off, mainly when it comes outside of my room,. So for my next grow I've been looking at strains and trying to pick out ones that I think won't smell as much, but as I've never grown them before hopefully you guys can tell me :)

    . Afghan kush

    . O.G Kush

    . Purple Diesel

    . Northern Lights

    Bigby Well-Known Member

    Not grown it myself, but northern lights is reputed as being low smell.
    Canna Connoiseur

    Canna Connoiseur Active Member

    Just grab a carbon air filter and you can have all the stinky plants you want :)

    Sir.Ganga New Member not really. Carbon filters can only do so much with some strains, if you want zero smell the only thing that works 100% are ozone generators. Out of all those strains the northern lights will have the least but don't be fooled they will still smell to high heaven once they are in full bloom,

    Good luck
    Nutty sKunK

    Nutty sKunK Active Member

    I think I have one of those "some strains" lol. Got a 30cm Carbon Filter and 5" fan on a 2.5' x 6.5' tent and it still smells haha.

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