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DNA Martian Kush or Stacked Kush?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Waiakeauka, Mar 31, 2012.


    Waiakeauka Well-Known Member

    Which is a better strain for potency and mold prevention, Martian Kush(Martian Mean Green x OG #18 or Stacked Kush(Sleekstack x OG #18?

    DustBomb Active Member

    those seem similar... did u see the reserva privada skywalker or dna's Lemon skunk x OG18.... seems like better choices
    Killer Bud

    Killer Bud Well-Known Member

    I am as well stuck between the 2, I'd go with another choice but 6 free kosher kush seems like a damn good deal. One I can not pass up. I am leaning more towards the stacked tho, looks like a very beautiful cross.

    PhantomGenetics Member

    Stacked Kush will be more indy dom. Where Martian Kush will be more sativa.
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    LILBSDAD Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't buy any of them. Reserva Privada is advertising "Skywalker OG", but it is NOT the real Skywalker OG it is their cross of Skywalker with their OG #18. And when you get the seeds they are labeled "Skywalker Kush", classic bait and switch. They have been hitting everything with that OG #18 but I have not seen any test grows. Ran DNA's chocolope fems and was not impressed either, it seems they are leaning toward everything fem lately and none of it has been tested. Usually why seed companies give away free stuff is because they can't sell it or it is untested. Pass

    PhantomGenetics Member

    I feel seedbanks are pressuring all breeders into making fems. I agree with you LILBSDAD really lack of results but that doesnt mean they arent testing their strains.
    Killer Bud

    Killer Bud Well-Known Member

    I went with the stacked, I prefer an indica dom plant, better suites my grow room, plus it looks dank! I cant wait to grow it. I grew chocolope, and loved it! I bought a reg pack and made more seeds cuz I loved it so much. It was dank, and had a wonderful aroma. More sativa dom but I still loved it. I also ran a chocolope cross with it called Chocolate Rain by Sannie which also came out amazing!!! Reason they are pumping fem seeds out more is because thats what people are demanding, Look through this site and its posts and you will see more people want fem then reg, Only people in to breeding are buying regs and those people are becoming less and less each year, Now all the rage is auto fems which i hate but they are becoming more popular because people are getting lazier and want bud more and more fast, Personally i dont mind waiting 8-10 months to try a strain I'v been growing (i like long veg periods, increases my yield). Quality, and quantity all depend more on the grower as long as your buying good genetics.

    PhantomGenetics Member

    Best of luck brother!
    goodro wilson

    goodro wilson Well-Known Member

    I've grown og 18 and I can def tell why they would breed everything with it
    Yeah they have a lot of new kush out and I'm sure they are unproven but I do know I've grown 4 DNA strains and the og18 from rp and they are all the best strains I've tried
    And I grew FEMs except the la they were freebies didn't have any problems at all I'm sold on DNA and if u like dank the. U should try em
    Their strains all just remind me of Cali
    And any good business will have all types of marketing ploys and stuff like that it doesn't take away that their strains are very good
    I def don't blame any seed breeder for trying to capitalize on a trend or even coattails of a popular strain
    It's not unethical to me Bc ALL breeders started with other breeders genes right?

    Try it and you will see its medical quality
    Killer Bud

    Killer Bud Well-Known Member

    I agree, Everything i'v tried from DNA, and RP have been straight FIREEEE. Thats one reason I bought the stacked kush, Had good results from past strains., and also free 6 fem Kosher Kush..
    Gum B

    Gum B Member

    I'm sorta in the same boat...I want to catch this deal but not sure if I want the stacked or martian kush. The breeder info said stacked was 60% sativa 40% indica wouldn't that make it sativa-dom. The martian is the opposite its 40/60. I just don't something too stretchy.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i grew the plain sleestack, and i wasn't that impressed, but i wasn't impressed with the whole grow tbh.. along with the sleestacck was some white russian, chemdawg x blueberry from sannies and something else as well, and the whole grow just sucked for w/e reason..
    idk what i did wrong or w/e, but yah, everything was less than expected, so i am not putting it down to genetics but rather user error on that one..

    i picked up the martian kush... my boy went to the dam a few years ago and when he got home, he wouldn't shut up about the martian mean green he had smoked over there, so i had to grab a pack of the martian kush, now i want a pack of those chocolope kush as well.. :) ... but damn it, i want a free pack of those kosher kush too, so maybe ii'll order another pack of the martian and the choco kush and get the kosher's for free...

    i haven't bought seeds in ages and i'm really jonesing, but i just found out i got a $7k extension on my unemployment... :) i had a $500 order in my basket yesterday, just didn't pull the trigger on it yet..

    Alphakronik Well-Known Member

    It would be nice to believe this, but it's not true. The majority of banks we deal with all have stated they prefer natural seeds over fem, and that it is customer demand that is driving the market for fems at this time. Unfortunately, it causes many problems for the banks as complaints over hermed out gear has jumped like crazy.

    I for one keep telling them I'll never make fem seeds. It's not in my dna. Nature knows best.
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    Killer Bud

    Killer Bud Well-Known Member

    Lucky you got 7k, I only got 5.5k extension :(
    goodro wilson

    goodro wilson Well-Known Member

    I picked up that Martian
    Was gonna get stacked kush but wanted more indica too
    Like I told my girl it's a free 100 dollar pack of beans either way
    I couldn't pass that up
    And.if u haven't ever looked at em that dude uP there alphakronic has some interesting sounding stuff I wanna try it y'all go look at his straiist sounds good

    jdmlove Well-Known Member

    Bump also trying to catch this deal but not sure witch to pick ive been wanting to try sativas so might go with the stacked but martian sounds dank too and I plan on ordering on 420 and also getting the free barneys farm promo along with the kosher deal and freebie seeds I think they give u a free 420 bag looks like grinder and other little things...

    Fishyhead01 Member

    Since this thread still pops up on google when searching Martian Kush flowering period I thought I'd post some thoughts.

    I LOVED the Kosher Kush from this sale. GREAT strain for me, and the reason I did the sale.

    Martian Kush; I finally planted 2 when I had some other seeds not pop on me and couldnt wait for reorder. I should have paid more attention to the info at the tood. They say it likes to stretch, and jesus they weren't kidding! Martian Kush is a 3x stretcher AT LEAST!

    I haven't finished them yet, 2-3 weeks to go, but the lankyness really put issue to getting proper light to my Master Kush which I love to grow. I probably won't grow Martian again as it just doesn't fit my style. It is probably a fine strain. It's just way too stretchy for my room & style.

    Devilspawn Well-Known Member

    Thought I'd chime in. Have Martian kush, kosher kush, amhurst diesel, tangerine dream, lost coast og, Cotton candy and headband growing together currently in veg in my hydro set up under a 357 mag led. All ub topped n super cropped so far. The Martian is a fast growing bushy mother. Kosher, cotton, and headband not far behind. Most were tude freebies after my querkel seeds all crapped out. Martian is tough to clone vs others but def strong growing in veg. Light flip by Christmas as the training of tbe 7 plants has filled out to a sog like canopy. Planning on supper cropping n fim until the flip. Lost coast og is lagging.

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