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DNA Genetics

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by GHOPZZ, Dec 17, 2010.


    GHOPZZ Well-Known Member

    What strain do they offer yields the best?? i was looking into there lemon skunk, kushberry. what is everyones opinion

    tardis Well-Known Member

    I like their lemon skunk, and I love their chocolope, but all in all my luck with DNA seeds has been hit and miss. Reserva Privada's OG Kush #18 I loved, but their RKS I just grew, although smells nice, is a miss on the high in my opinion. (RP is owned by DNA)

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i've only heard good things about that kushberry from dna. everyone says its fire from what i hear.. i've grown dnas sour cream, and it was a nice smoke and yeilded well to boot...

    tardis Well-Known Member

    I haven't had the kushberry, but I do know that DNA has some amazing strains but they most likely equally have nice but not super fire strains as well. Kushberry may be one of their elite strains.

    grobofotwanky Well-Known Member

    I too place a vote for Sour Cream. I love the taste and smell of it.

    ALLDAYJAY18 Member

    the lemon skunk was pretty good the kushberry is not a high yielder i would stay away from that one its pretty good smoke but more of personal strain for urself and the best one from dna ive grew is the la women and im not sure if its true or false but it was listed to have a higher yield than la confidential but hope this helps
    Fatty R Buckle

    Fatty R Buckle Active Member

    I just started DNA's Sleestack x Kandy Kush My first dna genetics...

    cdogg23 Active Member

    I have there og18 and sour kush (og x sour d) they seem to have similar yields but i topped some 18's and they yield much better when topped, the sour kush didnt respond as good when being topped yield wise. The smoke is some straight fire and i live in socal where you know the best clones are available. I only speak from experience. Hope this helps.

    littleflavio Well-Known Member

    always wanted to grow the la con and la woman. after the holidays maybe when attitude is not that busy dealing with a lot of customers, so to speak less chances that they will mess up my order again

    tardis Well-Known Member

    I've heard that Cali Connect stuff does the kush better than LA Con. but I have to admit the OG18 (one of the three I did) was absolutly amazing.

    Muchakinock Well-Known Member

    I,m on my third round of Dna genetics Chocolope the taste and yeild are bad the buzz and the grow level is the only good part about this strain that I see.

    tardis Well-Known Member

    I've grown a femenized chocolope before and i loved the soft chocolate cantalope smell and flavor. now i have one REGULAR chocolope seed going. which did you grow?

    littleflavio Well-Known Member

    what do you guys suggest are the top 5 from dna genetics? sorry for jacking the thread. hmmm interesting, i have 5 deadhead from cali connect wonder if thats a good strain

    smokeymcpotz Well-Known Member

    nope those suck so bad!! send em to me so i can get rid of em for ya buddy
    And everyone stay tuned for my deadhead grow yessss!!!

    cowboylogic Well-Known Member

    Kushberry is the bomb........
    Bad Karma

    Bad Karma Well-Known Member

    My top 5 DNA Strains:
    LA Confidential
    Mean Martian Green
    LA Woman

    Cali Connection is good stuff from what I hear out here in Cali.

    littleflavio Well-Known Member

    seems like 2-5 of those u mentioned that i love so much to have is out of the list. i have been waiting for ages for la con to have in reg's again. martian mean green is out for awhile now...did they stop producing this strain? only chocolope has it in reg's this really sucks!!! even the sharksbreath is out in regs...any thoughts when they will re-stock again? maybe after the holidays?
    tardis likes this.

    tardis Well-Known Member

    I would have said the Reserva Privada OG Kush #18, but I hear that Cali Connect has even better OG Kushes already like the deadhead... I heard someone rave about his La Confidential today and I always hear great stuff abotu that strain.

    also i've heard good things about their Sleestack X Superskunk is great, very crystal covered i'm told... but only heard one person i dont know well rave aobut it.

    TwooDeff425 Well-Known Member

    Love their Lemon Skunk!! On my third gen of it...some straight chron!
    Green Apple

    Green Apple Well-Known Member

    About to run there Kandy Kush (With StrawBerry Diesel), That OG 18, looks like the diggity digg's! Thinking about making a journal for my Kandy Kush, and strawberry diesel, either way I'll report back for you guy's.

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