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DNA Genetics LA Woman Feminized

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by Nike617, Oct 5, 2009.


    Nike617 Well-Known Member

    I got this free seed with my order of Seedsman white widow femm I am wondering has anyone smoked it and is it worth growing the free seed. Thanks in advance.

    Nike617 Well-Known Member

    anyone ever grown or smoked her?

    gardenhose Member

    I'm also interested to see what people think. I just got a free seed with my order from Attitude.

    Nike617 Well-Known Member

    yeah same here. ive had this posted for about 24 hours and nothing lol. im vey curious lol

    mattso101 Well-Known Member

    I have not smoked the LA women. But I grow the LA confidentail and its amazing!> I have smoked alot of DNA strains and they are some of the best out these days! Anything crossed with the LA confidentsil withh be AMAZING I can gaurentee that! Check out the Canaidian growers thred and look at my outdoor! you will have those bean in paper towel in no time!!
    It WILL be beter than any White widow by far. I have smoked alot of WW and it OK in my books, very strong smoke for sure, but a milder buzz and lacking flavor IMO. The LA Tastes like Kush big time!

    Nike617 Well-Known Member

    wow ok thanks for the input man

    razoredge Well-Known Member

    LA women is good, strong taste and smell.. started from a fem seed just like you.. its worth it.. clone off that bitch first

    glockdoc Well-Known Member

    here a pic mine going on 16 days i believe

    my grow http://www.rollitup.org/cfl-growing/249975-starting-grow.html

    i plan on getting a couple clones off her

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    MilkyLep Member

    I was planning on growing it but my seed came cracked, was looking forward to it, seems like a nice strain to hold onto!

    nickbbad New Member

    Throw it in a wet paper towel who knows it might still sprout.

    potsmokinbasturd Active Member

    Shit dude why dont u join my LA woman club. Heres a pic of my lady just started flower. 12/12

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    The2TimEr Well-Known Member

    Ur flowering way early bro, space restrictions is it?

    jjf1978 Well-Known Member

    I just rolled myself up a J of LA ;)

    I don't know what to think about it. It has a GREAT smell/taste. Mine is curing for around 27 days now and I can't put my finger on the effect. I get a little bit of a head high but seems like that disapates and leaves you pretty couch-locked. I like it for an indica dominant strain :)

    3eyes Well-Known Member

    What sort of height can we expect from this little lady? i'm thinking of putting her in with some sogouda, strawberry D-lite, jack herer and durban poison and an unknown cutt ( to be known from here on in as URBAN NIGEL ) i have no height restrictions to worry about

    quietgardener Active Member

    I've got one at about 6 weeks of 12/12. It grew like crazy in veg, despite pH problems I was having that stunted the LA Con I was growing along side. After topping once, I started 12/12 around 24". Not too much stretch- it's about 40" now. It's packing on weight like crazy now so I expect it to be a big yeilder.

    My set up is a DWC in a 39" x 39" space under air cooled 400w hps and 250w mh (total at 650w) in a grow tent. Smells unique but not nearly as strong as my AK47 or my Blue mystic. Possibly because of a uv scrubber on the circulation fan.

    sniper420 Member

    ive got my free la woman from attitude in veg and was wondering how strong it is gonna smell cuz ive not got any oder control in place yet cause im tight on funds and does anybody know if you could use baking soda like you use in a fridge to get rid of oders just wondering

    quietgardener Active Member

    My LAW is going towards 10 weeks of flower now. Don't see much amber yet so it may go to 11 weeks. The main cholas (I topped it) are huge, fat multi oz piles of flowers. Assuming decent strength, she's a keeper.

    LuciferX Well-Known Member

    I bought a some seeds a few months ago, 4-5 different seed bank packs and the free LA woman ended up being better than all of them. I cloned the shit out of it and my next crop is going to be all LA women :D

    MinorThreat Active Member

    always wanted to try LA woman def. sounds like something i need to try

    TheFucknChrOnic Active Member

    im at about 3 1/2 weeks into flower,and she looks amazing,def the most resinous of my 4,this early in anyway. she has looked like a great strain from day 1,smells yummy while in bloom..i just cant wait to see how she smokes.

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