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dna genetics Holy Grail Kush small winter outdoor

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by mansoorjane, Dec 28, 2013.


    mansoorjane Member

    November 27, 2013 was the start of my winter outdoor Holy Grail Kush grow. I originally stated on a different thread, but am now unable to access it, so i'll start off where i left off. It is officially a month now, so we'll see what happens.
    IMG_20131130_111833_0.jpg IMG_20131130_111843_0.jpg IMG_20131204_105704_0.jpg IMG_20131204_105712_0.jpg IMG_20131204_105805_0.jpg IMG_20131207_112224_0.jpg IMG_20131207_112234_0.jpg IMG_20131209_103005_0.jpg IMG_20131209_103029_0.jpg IMG_20131214_105105_0.jpg IMG_20131214_105117_0.jpg IMG_20131221_162340_0.jpg IMG_20131221_162351_0.jpg IMG_20131221_162401_0.jpg IMG_20131221_162415_0.jpg

    thanks for following
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    Hlusaf Well-Known Member

    Lookin good, anxious to watch her grow...be safe.

    Popcorn900 Well-Known Member

    Winter and you have no snow? must be nice. Here right now we got a blizzard and -40 temps lol. Nice looking plant.

    mansoorjane Member

    Thank you sir, no snow here my friend. thank god!!! although it wouldn't be a bad thing. it's easier to create heat and to try to cool.
    i forgot to mention this, but there are actually 4 plants in that pot. 2 strains. two of them blue og from g13 labs and 2 holy grail kush from dna genetics. i had extra clones, so i tossed them into a bucket and threw em outside to flower. lol. i wrote that on the initial thread i started about this grow, but i was banned for something that didn't make sense, but hey. it's all good. i started a new profile, but i forgot to mention that on the new thread. thanks for your support my friends. take it easy
    easy jimmy

    easy jimmy Active Member

    hi ...nice cool winter green

    mansoorjane Member

    thank you, i appreciate it.
    here is an update for you :)
    i know it's been a while, the buds should be much fatter than what they are now, but i'm going to blame it on the weather. i mean... what else could it be except slow growth due to cold temps. It is definitely coming along, just a little slower than i anticipated. Thanks for the support friends
    IMG_20140115_143341_0.jpg IMG_20140115_143330_0.jpg hgk
    IMG_20140115_143319_0.jpg IMG_20140115_143311_0.jpg blue og

    mansoorjane Member

    IMG_20140127_174528_0.jpg IMG_20140127_174516_0.jpg IMG_20140127_174506_0.jpg IMG_20140127_174411_0.jpg IMG_20140127_174419_0.jpg IMG_20140127_174402_0.jpg hgk
    IMG_20140127_174456_0.jpg IMG_20140127_174448_0.jpg blue og
    IMG_20140127_174337_0.jpg IMG_20140127_174324_0.jpg IMG_20140127_174312_0.jpg
    home stretch, let's hope they plump up some more in these next two weeks!!!! any flushing advice?

    Kells049 Member

    Recently ordered some HGK beans, any tips or insights into this strain? Ill be indoor soil, likely. Do they prefer a certain fert or need particular cropping?

    mansoorjane Member

    i only decided on one strong pheno i acquired in a pack, but my pheno is a heavy feeder, definitely likes the clone method of topping. i think uncle ben or someone does something similar to it. as far as an og hybrid goes, it is very strong and can handle it's own weight. you definitely have to look for a good pheno though, so expect not to find a solid one your first run. to be honest, i love my pheno, but i've seen a couple online that makes mine not look so great. and to be honest, this winter outdoor came out kinda small. i will show you what my indoor hgk is looking like and it is definitely much more promising. if you do the clone method of topping or "uncle bens latest topping method" you can get a heavy heavy yield out of her. i love the hgk, it's a good one, you just have to find it.

    mansoorjane Member

    o.k. today is harvest day, exactly at day 71.
    overall i am very happy with this grow, especially for a winter outdoor in these cold temps and low light exposure.
    The nuggs aren't as big as they would be in a proper environment, but they still look like kushy greatness. very frosty.
    I didn't have any issues with this grow, no nute burn, the leaves have faded away nicely and the purples and different array of colors came out.
    very nice, i'll show you guys more pics of the final trimmed product and overall weight. btw the blue og half is still going for another week or so, still needs a lil time.
    thanks for watching.
    IMG_20140206_131126_0.jpg IMG_20140206_131132_0.jpg IMG_20140206_131154_0.jpg IMG_20140206_102658_0.jpg IMG_20140206_102712_0.jpg IMG_20140206_103326_0.jpg IMG_20140206_103326_0.jpg

    mansoorjane Member

    IMG_20140207_155048_0.jpg IMG_20140207_155104_0.jpg IMG_20140207_155128_0.jpg IMG_20140207_155136_0.jpg
    so this is the blueog from g13 labs seeds
    i no longer have this genetic, not that there is anything wrong with it, i just prefer a different type of og
    these last two plants in the pot are being taken down tomorrow on day 72. great winter grow, but it's time to think about the next plant(s) to replace the space.
    peace out and medicate responsibly. lol

    mansoorjane Member

    alright, so final results was a quarter lb
    i ended up with 2 ozs of really good bud. 42 grams HGK and 14 grams blue og
    and then i ended up with 2 more ozs of popcorn/trim stuff for kief or wax.
    not bad for free winter bud.
    i love it
    hgk is the fire. blue og is alright.
    Stoned Drifter

    Stoned Drifter Well-Known Member

    nice. hows the platinum cookies coming along?

    mansoorjane Member

    platinum cookies will be done in less than 3 weeks. looking amazing as a matter of fact.
    i also ended up with over 5 grams of super fire wax from the hgk/blue og trim and popcorn.
    amazing wax for my second time running

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