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DNA Cataract Kush Smoke Report

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by cc08150, Jul 24, 2012.


    cc08150 Well-Known Member

    Strain: DNA Genetics Cataract Kush

    Growth: Topped once, 10 days before flowering. Trained to get multiple soda can sized colas. This plant didn't take up too much space; just about 28" circumference of the whole plant at it's widest part up top. Does not stretch much (only gained 5-6" in height for me) after 12/12 light cycle. Internodes are very tight. Be sure to give plenty airflow, the buds are pretty damn dense especially when grown in a cooler temperature (mine was up to 94F, thus a little looser bud than normal)

    Nutrients: Subcool Super Soil at bottom half of every grow pot + Advanced Nutrients: Big Bud, Bud Candy, Nirvana at week 3 and 5.

    Yield: 117 grams dried for 7 days in 50-55% humidity, then cured in mason jars for 15 days.

    Grow Time: Vegged under 200watt T5 for 25 days, Flowered under 400watt HPS for 62 days

    Bag Appeal: 9.5/10 This stuff is gorgeous....that's pretty much all I can say. It's covered in trichomes head to toe and is a nice color--almost silver-light green from all the resin

    Smell: 10/10 -- This is some of the most pungent smelling weed I've ever grown....Carbon air filter was an absolute must, it just stank the whole grow tent up during the last 3 weeks of flowering. When trimming outside, my roommate who was in the house came outside saying the whole inside of the house smelled like it....and I was outside trimming, lol. After curing for two weeks in mason jars, the smell just absolutely punches you in the face when you unscrew the lid. Citrus, diesel, grapefruit and skunk all mixed and VERY VERY loud smelling. It would give a skunk bag its run for the money believe me.

    Taste: 9.7/10 -- I just can't get enough of the taste of this stuff...I sometimes like to roll a joint and then sit there and dry inhale through it just to taste the unburned weed, it's that good. Grapefruit with oranges and a hint of diesel and a peppery spice on the inhale and a cool, almost melon sweetness on exhale. The taste lingers on the tongue for quite some time.

    The High: 9.8/10 -- This is in my top 5 list for sure on potency. If you want some one hit quit stuff, here is where to start. The first time I smoked it after curing it for two weeks, I rolled a 1 gram joint from a top bud and became almost stupified by the end of it. I felt like I was on a mild shroom trip--TV started just blending together and becoming stupid funny. I've had multiple friends smoke it and tell me they felt like they had some 3D glasses on. Smoking it outside at night, lights start having multiple rings appear around them, like when you go swimming in a chlorine pool with your eyes open.

    Comments: Definitely a joy to grow, this plant didn't even drop one single leaf or show one bit of stress the whole grow. It stayed nice and lush right up until I flushed it the last week, when it changed from dark forest green to a light shade of green. Resin all the way out to the fan leaves on some of the buds, so I knew this one was gonna be great! Wish I would have taken a clone of it :(

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    mundaiis Active Member

    Now this is a review.
    Thanks for reminding me to get some of this strain as the seed i bought failed to sprout.

    CaptainCAVEMAN Well-Known Member

    Very nice review. +rep

    DSB65 Well-Known Member

    good review.....

    althor Well-Known Member

    I have had two phenos from cataract kush.
    1. Lemon Pinesol smell with purple leaves. Hits like a freight train from the first hit. You will zing and soar for about 30 minutes. Then start coming down pretty fast.
    2. Coffee smell with green leaves. This isnt quite as potent as the pinesol but the buzz seems to last longer.

    Both grew similar and yielded similar (around 2z per).

    Its good enough I plan to add one to next grow.
    cc08150 likes this.

    cc08150 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the likes and reps guys/gals! Definitely enjoyed having this one in my grow tent, since it was absolutely pest free and never gave me any nutrient-deficient symptoms whatsoever.
    And althor, I think I got the lemon pinesol pheno, yet the pinesol part is in the background with the citrus overpowering it and there is some grapefruit smell definitely. Wish I could have seen some purple, but my grow tent in the summer is in the high 80's and low 90's......Mine is making me zing and soar for about 2-3 hours instead of 30 minutes though, lol And I'm an everyday smoker of the stuff I grow. But definitely, I'm gonna get me 2-3 pick and mix seeds of it next time I make a seed order....keeper strain and great yields from such a compact plant.

    wheezer Well-Known Member

    nice report buddy, it is a very good strain. I ain't trying to be a dick or anything I promise, but I noticed in this and your review of the Flav that it looks like you pulledf the trigger a little early on both of em'. You still have a lot of hairs showing on both, and neither one of those starins should have that much hair showing. The Flav pics looked like they coulda went 10-12 days longer IMO. Did you check the trichomes before you harvest, or what method do you use to decide when to chop?

    Bigtacofarmer Well-Known Member

    I found three phenos. I tall OG like plant. A tall one like the other but more piney with no kush funk. And a small one the I guess takes after the LA. I like the flavor of the OG one best but I already have an OG that tastes better and the other tall one was great but not what I was looking for. The small one was nice and tasty, maybe a little bubba like. But the buzz was unreal, kicked in fast and the got stronger for another 30 minutes or so. It kept giving me the shakes if I didn't lay down and trip out. I wish I still had her, and so does everyone I know.

    cc08150 Well-Known Member

    Yea as for the loosness of the buds and hairs, I was growing this in a grow tent where the temperatures averaged 90 degrees Fahrenheit everyday....sometimes up to 94 or 95F so that right there gave me more fluffy buds than usual. The trichomes on this one were actually about 70cloudy 30 amber on harvest day. I did not see any clear left hardly at all, and I took bud sample from 4 different buds. 100x radio shack magnifier is what I use....and sometimes a 30x jewelers loupe if I am just studying a whole bud.

    Br3w Member

    I feel almost obligated to buy this strain now. Thanks!

    adgas Well-Known Member

    excellent job as always cc08150

    cc08150 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! You just reminded me...Been smoking this strain for the past 2 weeks and I swear it still gets me LIT! Most strains burn out on me by now, but I've probably smoked a good 1.5-2 ounces of it in the past 16 days between me and my few really good friends and everyone still loves it. The longer it cures in jars, the more it smells like grapefruit dankness. And the taste in a RAW unbleached paper joint is just A+.

    It has been storming here the past few days, and I love to go on my back porch to sit and watch the lightning off in the distance while smoking this stuff....makes the lightning in the sky seem to have trails for a few seconds hahaha

    dareapa Active Member

    IMG_1549.jpg IMG_1550.jpg This is my cataract kush..I hope she turns out as good as the one in your smoke report...peace

    cc08150 Well-Known Member

    Nice looking dude! Wish I could grow outside haha

    dareapa Active Member

    when i read your smoke report, i got excited about the possibility of having some dank stuff!..Most cataract kush grow reports say low yielding and small plants..hope my pics force more people to try the great outdoors!..when she flowers I will post here on your thread!...peace

    dareapa Active Member

    IMG_1661.jpg She is just starting to flower! I will continue to post as she develops...

    dareapa Active Member

    IMG_1761.jpg She is moving right along!!! I'm loving this strain..

    cc08150 Well-Known Member

    Hell yea bro looking good! I wish i had kept a clone or two of my plant...could definitely kick myself for not doing so, but I think the next time i get some money im gonna grab me 2 pick and mix seeds of Cataract along with some other DNA strains

    dareapa Active Member

    Thanks cc...I'm also running OG 18 and DNA Sour Kush..will keep u posted on the Cataract!!..

    markjonesss Member

    hey! any updates??

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