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DMT extraction?

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by TooBakedd, Feb 8, 2016.


    TooBakedd Well-Known Member

    So how do you go about getting the batch of crystals separate from the goo?
    Lotus minded

    Lotus minded Well-Known Member

    Take your finished product, goo and all. Put it in a shot glass and add your solvent. This will melt the xtals back into the solvent and you will be left with a layer of plant fats, nmt and other shit and a layer of solvent on top with all your dmt. Remove the bottom layer with a pipett. Evap a little solvent and throw it in the freezer to freeze precip the xtials back out of the solvent. You should be left with all white lovely xtials. Acacia has alot of plant fats in it so a de- fatting step before you work your pulls will help alot with the end product.

    AZgreenthumb Well-Known Member


    TooBakedd Well-Known Member

    how does one go about de-fatting

    ShootToMaim Well-Known Member

    I separated my goo right at the start. Heated my pulls. Allowed the naphtha to slowly cool. When it reached the point where when I would blow across the solvent white crystals would crash out on the surface and the redisolve as they sank I quickly decanted into another container. A layer of goo stayed stuck on the bottom (nnmt is less soluable in naphtha than DMT). Freeze precipitation of the solvent yielded the white crystals posted earlier in this thread.
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    AZgreenthumb Well-Known Member

    -Redissolve extract in non-polar solvent such as naptha
    -Prepare an acidic solution with a pH of approx. 4 (water and vinegar)
    -Add the alkaloid-containing solvent and mix very thoroughly
    -Separate solvent (alkaloids have now been removed and it contains only plant fats and oils)
    -Basify acidic aqueous solution (that now contains your alkaloids) to approx. pH 12
    -Add fresh non-polar solvent to aqueous solution
    -Mix very thoroughly
    -Remove non-polar solvent that now contains your alkaloids
    -Evaporate or freeze-precipitate
    hope this helps

    ShootToMaim Well-Known Member

    Do you think it's worth it to clean slightly off white crystals? My last pull came out slightly yellow.

    butterbudface Well-Known Member

    Yes its worth it.

    Drowning-Man Well-Known Member

    Using the basic naptha extraction for acacia= crap. Naptha recrystalization is a joke and you lose alot and many times never it just wont do it. Do a Salt AB, pull with Xylene, precipitate nmt with dry ice till no more nmt carbinat forms, remove nmt. Ad FASA to Xylene to precipitate dmt fumarate. Disolve fumarates in water, freebse fum. Solution it will turn milky white pull with naptha, stick in freezer. Next day poor off naptha and dry. Clear white crystals 0.0% goo/nmt. Almost purer extract then optained from mimosa. Naptha pulls of soup and multiple recrystalization is so old and dead as disco. Stop following grandmas cookie recipe and actually use real science. And most erowid teks are very outdated. The oldest teks. Only a couple are still usefull, producing high purity. The nexus is the highest authority on ALL extraction teks, daily improvements and experiments by REAL Chemist. But what do i know? Im just a clone, Derp

    farmerfischer Well-Known Member

    speaking of outdated .... you looked at the last post date right?

    Drowning-Man Well-Known Member

    Duh, lol. Had to correct it so it wont pollue peoples google searches any longer.
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    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    Got an itch for the boards again, have We, @Drowning-Man?

    Where Ya been?

    ShootToMaim Well-Known Member

    Weird usually people who smoke dmt are less self righteous and douche.....takes all sorts I guess. Good luck with the whole being a genius thing.....

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