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DJ Short's Blueberry Smoke Report

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by clasonde, Feb 18, 2010.


    clasonde Active Member

    Strain: DJ Short's Original Blueberry, grown by my caregiver.

    Growth: unknown; grown by caregiver

    Nutes: Organically grown with bat guano, tilapia waste, other natural organics.

    Yield: unknown

    Bag Appeal: 7/10, good looking buds with some nice blue hues, but nothing spectacular.

    Smell: 10/10, like a circus clown hit you in the face with a blueberry pie covered in whip cream.

    Taste: 9/10, not a very strong or subtle taste, but a nice medium between freshly ripened blueberries with a hint of citrus.

    The High: 12/10 Very stoney, spacey, but leaves you functional; good day time smoke. Only need 1 hit and you already forget what your doing, and probably make you forget your even smoking a bowl(happened to me twice). Very long high also; a nice mix between a really good body high and thought provoking/creative head high. Makes me want to play PS3 for hours....

    Comments: Awesome bud! Definitely my new favorite at my dispensary. I've always been a blueberry strain or crosses fan, but DJ Short's is definitely on top of the list.

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    Highlanders cave

    Highlanders cave Well-Known Member

    Good report clasonde, I found it to be very acurate. Except for the spacey part :) in the description of the high. I'm pretty anti-social for the most part lol, but my BB helps me tolerate and interact with people easier. I have quite a few different strains going and BB is in my top two fav....and your right, it's quite potent!! It's listed as 19.5% thc in the description and is a former cannibus cup winner, if that means anything to anyone :). And I seem to remember the seeds being expensive as hell, ha ha and I'm sure that's why.

    smokinmayne Well-Known Member

    i just finished some short true blueberry

    the resin production on his strains are insane

    mine smells like blueberry caramel when the jar pops open

    the dj is definatly my favorite breeder:bigjoint:

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    very nice looking! I want some :-)

    worm5376 Well-Known Member

    That bud looks good enough to bake with!
    I haven't had the chance to try it yet but I wouldn't mind to :)
    Lately we've been blessed with this purple strain around here that smells like arjan haze but looks like SD.
    I had a few grams in a bag & grinder next to my bed and the shit kept waking me up just by the smell alone.
    Def a heavy indica influence present.
    Anywho, good smoke report review brotha. Makes me want to try ot that much more;)

    MinorThreat Active Member

    for as much as his seeds are it better be the bomb but this report def. makes me want to spend the money! great report
    Pipe Dream

    Pipe Dream Well-Known Member

    7/10 bag appeal? That looks like some fire ass BB to me....drool
    jammin screw

    jammin screw Well-Known Member

    Blueberry is some gud gud....love it mayn....One day I want to breed it wit nebula n see wut happens.... :bigjoint:

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    I didn't even realize that..I would hate to see what he calls a 10/10 lol.

    worm5376 Well-Known Member

    10\10= Albino Space Queen. Now that would be some shit to see B)

    MinorThreat Active Member

    I want the BLUEBERRY yum yum its some fire

    clasonde Active Member

    yeah i gave it a lower bag appeal because i am a big fan of how haze buds look, love the christmas tree buds. this stuff looked/smelled/tasted amazing! i was really surprised that it wasn't more couchlock, i liked how it was very active smoke, good for outdoor activities and for smoking during a nice summer day. my fiance and i smoked 2 bong packs and went outside in a heavy snow storm around midnight; it was surreal.

    attached a pic of the bong. in the jar is some killer trainwreck.

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    pang Member


    DaGrapeApe Active Member

    I've had the DJ short Blueberry when it came through the local dispensary. Best blueberry I've had, no questions. Absolutely destroys the other blueberries I've had in terms of taste, smell and high. Top notch all the way.

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