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DJ Short True Blueberry?

Discussion in 'Organics' started by gqiqdna, Feb 14, 2012.


    gqiqdna Active Member

    Has anyone had experience growing/smoking DJ Short's True Blueberry strain? I have searched high and low for a grow journal/ smoke report but cant seem to find one anywhere.

    I found a few of journals from 2009 which were dissappointing for everyone because half way through their grows they found out that their seeds were fake due to a mix up at DJ Short's seed producer in Spain. It appears that this was since corrected and the genetics are back out but just havent seen people grow or report about it as it seems like this error just frustrated everyone not to try it again.

    I did buy genuine True Blueberry from Hemp Depot about one year ago. Planted 10/10 seeds, all germed and 10/10 grew into beautiful, huge, very fast growing, deep dark purple males. Absolutely beautiful plants but a very expensive luck of the draw for me, unfortunately.

    I am intruigued by this strain and want to know your experiences to see if I should invest in another pack to see if I have better luck.
    I do know the difference between "True Blueberry" and DJ's "Regular Blueberry", lots of talk on that subject out there, just rare grow/smoke reports!

    Thanks RUI!

    Snafu1236 Well-Known Member

    I am currently running a origi9nal Blueberry grow, and cover the differences of True and Original Blueberry.

    I have not grown True Blueberry, and dont have an intention to, but just figured Id throw my journal out there if you were interested.

    gqiqdna Active Member

    Thanks, Snafu. I've been following your journal and your plants look amazing. Learned a lot from your grow. Thank you! I've always loved the original Blueberry, but know its genetics are not as stable as they used to be. Nevertheless, its a great find when you have a great pheno.

    The True Blueberry is a completely different plant, I'm just wanting to see what people have achieved with it!

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