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DJ Short Grape Krush F2s

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by raiderman, Apr 17, 2012.


    raiderman Well-Known Member

    i been wantin to do this strain.thinkin about dropping a pac and a pac of blue sattelite on sale at seed boutique.i do know seed boutique is the main store for DJ Short beans.if u growed this feel free to post a pic would be appreciated.rdr.

    Bumbaclat Active Member

    Week 6 of my Grape Krush.


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    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    i do hope you share a detailed smoke report and tell us just how stony or middy that buzz is as well as the flavor etc. i'm liking the idea of grape krush as a purple haze building block. yours doesn't look purple yet. are you chilling your room at night to induce the color change?

    that, and grape stomper, are top interest strains for flavor breeding

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    awsome pics

    you cant breed from 2oz cupps.

    you hack
    plus these plants will stink. so pointless for you
    jessica d

    jessica d Well-Known Member

    I try to trim alot of plants before i take pictures lol I do have pic from this yr and the biggest 2 plants had been cleaned up in the center of photo that were laying on the ground from weight. I also missed taking a pic of my biggest ww and Gkrush somewhere else. i rushed to clean them up. coulda had some impressive pictures but safety 1st. I got some pics from last yr and the plants were bigger but give me time and i will find them purpgreen.jpg little.jpg IMG-20121005-00028.jpg

    yesum Well-Known Member

    I may try this one. DJ's seeds have gotten bad reviews for not germing and growing wierd, but many people swear by the highs they get from them.

    Bumbaclat Active Member

    Unfortunately I am not doing that. I'd love to see the colour change but chilling the room isn't that feasible with my current set-up.

    Bumbaclat Active Member

    Done and done. The are getting cut in 10-14 days.

    Bumbaclat Active Member

    It happened! The colour change has arrived. No inducement needed. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    oregonboog Member

    I grew a whole slew of dj short, Spice of Life, and legends strains a decade ago and loved all of them. In particular Blue satellite. It was the most beautiful strain I have ever grown and the high was really good. All of blue strains had abnormal leaves but grew vigorously. My preference for all OG varieties has exiled these fantastic strains from my garden. If only I had more space.

    skuba Well-Known Member

    Blue Satellite was one of the frostiest nugs i've ever seen, homeboy also had a 17 gram cola.

    Bumbaclat Active Member

    I chopped them yesterday.



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    jessica d

    jessica d Well-Known Member

    very pretty. grape candy taste?

    SmokingTree New Member

    Uhhh I just jizzed my pants. Fuck yeah.

    Bumbaclat Active Member

    I'm resisting the urge to sample any until it is fully cured. Not an easy task but I want the first time to be the best version of all my hard work that it can be. I'm estimating that I'll be posting a smoke report before Christmas.
    jessica d

    jessica d Well-Known Member

    ya djs stuff at 3- 6 month cure is nicest

    Surfr Well-Known Member

    I've got a BKGK(Bubba Kush x Grape Krush) and it's fucking DANK! Smells exactly like grape candy.. Turns solid purp without a drop in temps also.
    jessica d

    jessica d Well-Known Member

    i mit have burned that cell with the pics from last yr but next yr b better:weed: i always got a chuckl at the one guy that posted a pic of plants and said planted in junne but they grew 11ft 6lbs. the pics were around 6wk flower and they were 7ft max mayb 3lb dry, still superb. grape krush produces volume of buds but you will trim liike a mofo to mmake scales move. great for medicine to lower your weight for health canada limit and a veery low feeder. dj is quality taste, high,smells not cash crop

    dankydonky Active Member

    veery nice..waitin for the response! :)
    jessica d

    jessica d Well-Known Member

    100_0266.jpg 100_0265.jpg did you grow it yet or do the comparison of gdp yet raiderman?

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