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Dj Short F13 uncured review

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by tardis, Nov 18, 2010.


    tardis Well-Known Member


    I see so little on Dj Shorts F13 and having never smoked anything by Dj Short before I thought i'd post my initial results.

    There are some things into play that you should know to put this in perspective, I haven't smoked in 8 days, I smoked after 11 hours in airports and airplanes, it wasn't dried in an ideal environment (still very humid), I was under a ton of stress and angry as hell when i smoked, and it was cut on day 51 which i thought was early as no amber yet, so my report might a bit flawed, but figured i owed something.

    This shit WILL cheer you up. I smoked a bowl of this and my entire world got rocked, the way i can explain it is it was like suddenly my mind expanded to fill the room around me, everything had a cloudy happy hue to it, I was completely relaxed and it just feels like my brain just got much much bigger. WOW. I really really really really like this high.

    Now it dried and it smelled better than when I had cut it (at which time it had no noticable smell) to 8 days drying it now smelled more flowery (but not at all strong smelling, very soft smelling but very nice flower smell with slight fruity tone). it looks beautiful and broke up easy. Unfortunatly not being at all cured it was slightly harsh when grinted and loaded in a glass bong, but thats expected from any strain. It had a grassy taste because of the lack of cure too.

    Definelty dreamy, you wont question if you are stoned or not. Its very very good if you are in a bad mood or mad or i would guess sad because it will toss you into cartoon land and put everything into perspective. Its a very smooth high, not at all shaking, but at the same time i wouldn't want to smoke a puff of this in public as i'm sure i'd look extremely fricken baked. being clearheaded does NOT mean functional!

    The pheno of this plant was very short, flo like i would guess, and very very low yielder.

    Potency 9/10 (almost perfect, and after a cure i can see it going 10/10. it has that euphoria i'm looking for in a weed, and its not confusing but it is most definetly perception altering)

    Oh yeah, and it made me want to eat, after a week of not having my nausea MMJ and not being able to eat proper amount of food (threw up after 3 deviled egg slices for god sakes while away), to suddenly actually be wishing i had more food around is great. It will fix your nausea suddenly and strongly.

    I'm glad I got 8 more of these beans and a larger pheno growing now to try.

    I know i'm baked got very little sleep and wrote a really bad review that would get me a D- if the teacher liked me, but there just were no F13 reviews I could find that told me what I wanted to know about it. Also take it as a testament as to how good this shit is. :)

    Jollygreen409 Member


    First of all... absolutely AMAZING description of the F13. I get so sick of reading reviews online that take up maybe 3-4 lines, not even complete sentences, to describe the name, flavor, taste, growing medium, and buzz. It's pretty lame and doesn't really tell anyone something they didn't already know from the seed company's tiny little description on their website. I want to know how it made the smoker feel, what they saw, and what happened while they were under the influence. I love it when people say: "I was so high dude, it is really strong weed." It's like NO shit sherlock, your smoking weed, of course your going to be high, lol. So thanks for the awesome review and story like way of describing the high. Stuff sounds like being in Heaven.

    Second, that F13 was on my list of top 50 Strains to try in my life and knowing that you've smoked a lot of other great strains, I know your review is legit. This stuff sounds like the TITS!!! I'm always looking for that super happy, very euphoric, reality shifting, non cl, trance like high (I also really love trippy, psychedelic, out of body highs as well).

    And don't beat yourself up about cutting it too early or whatever else is going on man. Good bud like you've proven by growing this strain can make everything better :weed:

    Can't wait for more reviews of any other strains your growing and anything from Subcool you've already smoked. Put up some reports for Vortex, The Flav, and those other TGA seeds you were telling me about earlier. I'd love to hear about those in detail and I'm sure others would as well! EVERYWHERE I read online has glowing reviews of Subcools seeds. I just read a smoke report that had this guy stating after 20 yrs of smoking, without a doubt, Vortex is his favorite strain ever!!! Thats pretty powerful words and must be really powerful pot! Can't wait till I can grow my own herb and start experiencing the best strains out there. Also, just a little tip on another KILLER strain that I've been reading about that sounds like it might be one of the best Sativa's of all time is Isis from Dutch Passion seeds. Two or three reviews from experienced smokers say it is the strongest, best, most amazing high they've ever experienced. Very electric, up, spacey, like your in a euphoric dreamland, things are warped and spacey. Thought you might want to try that one. Another Sativa I've heard of that is very unique and just amazing is Buddha Haze from Big Buddha Seeds.

    tardis Well-Known Member

    on my hunt to sativas in the past (unsuccessful but I did in fact aquire some knowledge in my surfing) i've been told an excelent powerful sativa high is Tom Hill's Haze. They use the word electric as well saying in a pack of 10 beans you'll find one that will give you euphoric electric shocks in the mind. Tho i'm starting to get trapped in the newbie realm of short flower times right now. Not autoflower short mind you as quality still plays a vital role, but to the point that i'm trying the easy stuff now, which might be a good tutorial for me on this. Sure i've surpassed like 99% of the people I know in weed knowledge from my studies in growing my own medicine, but i'm still far far behind where I can be as my goal is to smoke the worlds very best pot and grow it myself first. If i have to smoke pot or have a shit time digesting, i'll just smoke the very best pot and control its life from seed so as if its not perfect, its not cause some moron fucked up and its just whats standard and i pay more money then I make. Rather just sit in my little corner and grow the worlds best pot while the country is going thru the trauma of the stock market crash alongside teh tragety of vietnam, both at the same time. I mean seriously, in life when the world goes to shit you gotta focus your energies in postiive areas. I got the chocolope beans so i'm looking forward to grwing that one again with my superior knowledge to my first grow... and if its male collect pollen. I loved its grapefruit chocolate smell on my first grow, i can only imagine how good its gonna be with my current growing methods and using sunlight :):):) Chocolope by the way is 100% sativa. The last time I smoked it I harvested too late for its benefits.

    tardis Well-Known Member

    F13 Properly Dried Review:

    Smoking the F13 now that the plant I chopped is drying. This was cut 9 days later. Differences are i'm not stressed right now, in fact i'm in a rather good mood, i've had plenty of sleep, and spent the morning jaring my dryroom f13 and pinapple express and chopping my querkle and rks, then running off to get soil and pots for my next grow (dont reuse pots). Wow, this is more creeper than I recall, and its much much smoother and less racy which I can't tell is a good thing or not yet. The F13 (I have smoked no pinapple express yet) is a smoother cloud 9 days later, and dreid in perfect conditions. Its a tad confusing but still mostly and open but blurry type high. It now starts soft making me wonder after my bongload if I really am baked, then it starts coming in waves, it is like sex, you get slot soft incoming waves of euphoria and you wind up with a big smile looking at whatever you are doing then it slowly fades and your focus on the world returns then slow enough not to notice you are suddenly really high again. I fucking love it. Those extra nine days took off the racy high but this is so much more relaxing. The high feels like my ass is in a big round intertube flowing down a river in the tropics, there are feelings of rushing forward but in a very relaxed and calm environment, things come and pass then come again. Truely this high is a work of art! This was a small short low yielding strain (the airy buds filled 80% of one jar, which is fine by me!) and I look forward to testing it out against Its big big sister who looks to be the highest yielding of my plants with less purple (but nugs look a light blue). DJ Short, you are amazing!

    I chopped this at Week 9, while my first nug was chopped at week 7 1/2, so i'm going to chop my younger F13 sister outside at around Week 8 to perfect the high.

    Still not much smell, but on day one smelling the jar there is a definate berry flower poupuri smell comign on.

    tardis Well-Known Member

    I must note, what I have noticed about this strain is its easy to acclimate to. In other words as much as I love that dreamy relaxed cartoony high, if I smoke it the next day again the effects are notably reduced. So I wouldn't grow it as my only strain, but as a strain to tap into once every couple weeds its excelent. I love the high, but I can't smoke it daily without losing its effects.

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